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Chapter 169

He hummed, his gaze fell on the little girl in Lucia’s arms, with black hair tied up in two braids, a small white face, curved eyebrows, and a pair of watery eyes, like a carefully carved doll. Looks very cute.

His eyes turned to Carla, and his hands clenched the steering wheel unconsciously.

Have to admit that her two children are born very well.

The son is smart and the daughter is so cute.

“Your luck is not too bad.” Although abandoned by father, there is still a mother, and now there are two lovely children.

“What?” Carla looked at him blankly.

She didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence suddenly.

Ryan stretched out his hand and stroked the strand of hair blocking her eyebrows, keeping it behind her ears, “It’s nothing, go.”

Carla was stunned for a moment, then nodded, “I’m leaving.”

She closed the car door and quickly walked towards Lucia, pulled away Shawn who was entangled with her, stood in front of her, and glared at Shawn, “What are you doing?”

“Yes…” Shawn looked at his daughter, folded his hands on his side, “Dad was wrong.”

Six years ago, there was an accident in the company, Kathy ran away, and Jenna is still locked in for hurting others.

When he faced difficulties, it was the daughter he had been neglecting to help him.

Right and wrong Carla doesn’t want to hold him accountable anymore, but is calm after letting go, “Don’t bother us in the future.”

After she said she picked up her son, Lucia held Iris in her arms.

Shawn caught up, “Okay.”

“You are continuing to pester, did I call the police?” Carla calmed down.

Shawn looked at Alan in her arms with little red eyes, “Is this your child?”

“Yes,” Carla said impatiently.

“It’s very good, it’s up to you.” Shawn stomped, “I don’t mean anything else, I just saw your mother today—”

Then he glanced at Lucia, “I just know you are back, and you can find me whenever you need to.”

He hurriedly took out a business card from his pocket and handed it to Carla.

Carla didn’t answer.

Shawn looked embarrassed, “Well, just treat me as a friend, what if my place is useful?”

Carla looked at him.

In the past few years, he has grown a lot older, and his temples have gray hair. She left suddenly that year, and he didn’t know how he got through the predicament at that time.

Carla reached out and took it.

Shawn smiled and hurriedly stepped aside to make room for her.

His actions seem so humble, like a kid who has done something wrong, cautiously just trying to make it back.

To say that there is no feeling at all, that is deceiving.

This is her father, the biological father.

The same blood as his was flowing in her body.

“Pretend.” Lucia pulled Carla, “Come, don’t be fooled by his performance.”

Lucia only hates him.

Never forgive.

Carla turned around with a touch of melancholy, and followed Lucia back.

Entering the corridor, Carla asked, “How did you meet him?”

“I took them out of the aquarium, and when I was waiting for the car on the side of the road, I ran into him and talked to me and asked if the two children belonged to you. I didn’t want to care about him and came back by taxi.” When Lucia said of Shawn, there was no smile on her face, only hatred.

Carla knew how deeply Shawn had hurt Lucia, but did not persuade her, because she also had lumps in her heart.

Chapter 170

Over the years, with children by her side, her thoughts have been spent on the two children. She has been relieved a lot about the past.

Jenna entered, and his beloved daughter betrayed him.

He is also considered retribution.

“In the future, you are not allowed to contact him.” Lucia confessed, fearing that Carla would see Shawn feel relieved.

“Innocently abandoned us and let you marry—”

“Mom, stop talking.” Carla interrupted her, and the two children were listening.

Lucia was shocked, and hurriedly closed her mouth, rubbing Iris’s hair, “Is Iris frightened by grandma?”

Iris shook her head. She didn’t understand what her grandma meant, but she knew that grandma didn’t seem to like that grandpa.

Alan knew, he heard it very clearly.

That is grandma’s husband, mother’s father, and his grandfather.

But he did something, and grandma is unwilling to forgive him.

“It’s getting late, should you be hungry?” Carla asked.

Iris nodded her head vigorously, “I want to eat pizza.”

This little baby is the happiest, thinking about nothing, as long as she eats and have fun.

“Okay, we eat pizza today.” Carla stretched out her hand to pinch her daughter’s face, “In our house, Iris is the boss.”

“What about me?” Alan asked.

“Well, Alan’s second child.” Carla said sternly.

Alan was not convinced, “Why? Obviously, I am the elder brother.”

“Then tell me, do you know what’s wrong?”


Alan shut up immediately, wondering why she hasn’t forgotten it?

With a little regret in heart, why asked just now.

Alan had the feeling of lifting a rock and hitting in the foot.

Entering the room, Carla put on shoes for the two of them at the door. Lucia was in a bad mood and entered the room.

Carla looked at her back and knew that Lucia suddenly felt so depressed. Maybe she missed Karl.

Since having these two children, she has been busy helping her take care of the children. She is very busy every day and doesn’t have much time to think about the previous things. Seeing Shawn today, she will think of the previous things again.

Carla took the two children to the living room and took out the mobile phones, “What kind of flavor do you want?”

“Durian flavor.” Iris grabbed Carla’s arm and acted like a baby, “I want to eat durian flavor.”

“Okay.” Carla made the order and looked at Alan, “Alan?”

“Cheese.” Alan looked at Carla, “Mummy likes to eat.”

Carla looked up at him, “Why, you want to bribe me? Don’t think to please me, I won’t pursue it. If you don’t admit your mistakes, things won’t be given to you.”

Alan sighed, it was so boring, it was pierced at once.

Carla ordered a pizza, put down her phone, “Alan, take your sister to play in the living room, I will go to the room to see your grandmother.”


Alan is particularly well-behaved.

Just thinking about when Carla can return the things to him.

“Mummy, can I have a glass of juice first?” He was a little thirsty.

“Wait.” Carla went to the kitchen and poured two glasses. The juice at home was squeezed by her without additives, and they drank healthly.

After serving the juice to the two children, Carla went to Lucia’s room.

She held the handle, twisted, and gently pushed open the door, and she saw…

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