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Chapter 988

This kind of battle frightened everyone.

Including dozens of men with Yuri.

They never expected that there were so many people in ambush around them.

Even though Mr. Yuri and the others are very strong, but there are so many people all at once, and he still feels a little flustered.

The Porter family was taken aback for a moment, and then showed ecstasy.

Because the people who came, they all know!

The crowd surrounded an old man, and it was Mr. Frank moving forward.

“Norterjen’s Mason Frank and Norterjen’s top hundred giants are here to welcome Miss Ollie back to Norterjen!”

Mason Frank stepped forward and shouted loudly.

More than a thousand people around the top 100 giants all shouted together: “Welcome home Miss Ollie!!!”

This sound was like a tiger roaring in the mountains and forests, it was extremely shocking!

Ollie looked at the scene incredulously.

what’s going on?

Mason glanced at Brandon and said, “Will you take Miss Porter home? What are you waiting for?”

Brandon reacted, but he looked at Mr. Yuri.

It means they stopped it.

Mason narrowed his eyes slightly, and he said coldly: “With me, a hundred giants in the rivers and seas, I want to see who dares to block the way?”

“Yes, who would dare to stop the people picked up by the top 100 Norterjen giants?”

Others also shouted.

It’s the other way around!!!

Upon seeing Mr. Yuri, surging anger emerged.

He thought it was a Porter family, and dared to resist the Garrison Clan in Capital.

Unexpectedly, the entire Norterjen hundred giants would be on the side of mother and son.

Is this provoking the Garrison Family’s majesty?

“Hold on, I see who dares to leave?”

Yuri swept towards Mason and the others with a majestic expression.

“Ollie and son are the people of the Garrison Family in Capital to kill! Do you understand?”

“Everyone hurry up and leave! Don’t get involved in this matter! The Capital Garrison Family’s affairs are not something that a random person can participate in!”

The Garrison Family sternly scolded.

Hearing this, Mason smiled: “First, this is on the Norterjen site; second, Miss Porter is the one we want to protect with the top 100 Norterjen giants. Who dares to kill?”

“Yes, in Norterjen’s territory, can our people be bullied by others?”

A hundred giants shouted one after another.

“Brandon, take them away! I’ll see who dares to stop it?”

“We Norterjen don’t cause trouble, but we are not afraid of trouble! Whoever wants to provoke, we have to fight with him!”

Mason was determined and fearless.

Seeing the attitude of Norterjen hundred giants, everyone in the Garrison family was extremely angry.

When did the Jinvale Garrison Family lose all their prestige?

Are the people of Norterjen crazy?

How dare to fight the Garrison family?

“Mason, you can think about it clearly. This is the matter of the Jinvale Garrison Family. Are you sure you want to intervene?”

Yuri asked.

“Think about it clearly. No matter who it is, if you dare to move Miss Porter and Mr. Garrison, you will be an enemy of the top 100 giants in Norterjen! Even if we are not opponents, we must work hard!”

“What about the Garrison Clan in Capital? We are not afraid! We must manage troubles on our territory to the end!”

Mason faced him tit-for-tat, expressing the attitude of Norterjen giants stumbling to the end.


This almost exploded Yuri.

This bunch of lunatics!

How dare to fight the Garrison Family!

At this time, the Porter family convoy moved again, ignoring Yuri and others.

Seeing the vehicle moving, the Lords of the Garrison Family that Mr. Yuri had brought were suffocating, and they were holding their weapons tightly.

Just wait for Mr. Yuri to give an order.

They rushed to kill Levi and Ollie.

“Puff and puff…”

The scene was very silent, and only the surging heartbeats of everyone could be heard.

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