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Chapter 21

“Master, is Miss Lane coming back for dinner at noon?” She didn’t come back last night, but she left as soon as she came back today. Samantha didn’t like it very much.

She has been married into the Blair family and became Ryan’s wife. She always looks like a wife.

What’s more, it’s really not good to stay away at night after just getting married.

Ryan thought about her entering the hospital before, and turned his head, “She is not well, meal—”


Ryan didn’t know whether she would be back at noon.

Only now did she realize that he didn’t even have her contact information.

Samantha sighed, what happened to the people these years?

Husband and wife are not like husband and wife.

Obviously married, do not sleep together, do not know the whereabouts of each other, is this really a couple?

“I don’t know why Madam decided to make this marriage in the first place.” Samantha sighed.

Since the death of his mother, Ryan moved out and rarely went back.

She thought that the marriage decided by the lady must be justified by her, and now the marriage is also closed.

Don’t want to…

Ryan’s expression was also a little deep, “I’ll look for her.”

Samantha, “…”

Samantha became even more melancholic. How could this be a husband and wife? It is like a complete stranger.

Ryan picked up the jacket on the back of the sofa, put it on, and went out with the car key.

On the way to the hospital in the car, Ryan thought of something and gave Ramiro a call.

“The contract for that piece of land in Repulse Bay, please ready it up and send it to me.”

Carla came to the hospital. Jamie was sitting in the corridor outside the ward, with his hands on his knees, slightly arching his back as if she was thinking.

Even Carla stood beside him without noticing it.

“What are you thinking about?”

Jamie looked up and saw that Carla had condensed his emotions and glanced in the ward, “Your mother’s vitals are not great.”

Carla was prepared, “Well, you go back and rest, I’ll watch here.”

Jamie glanced across her abdomen, “You also need to rest.”

“Don’t worry, I can take care of myself.” Carla gave him a relaxed smile.

Jamie was silent for a moment and nodded, “You have something, just call me.”

She answered, Jamie stood up, walked outside, looking at his back, Carla pursed her lips. Although she has known him for a long time, she doesn’t know anything about him. His family background and his relatives are almost ignorant.

It was just now obvious that he had something on his mind, so he would think about it.

At this time, Jamie stopped and turned to look at Carla, “I heard something from women who gave them money and asked them to say that, and even splashed paint on your door.”

Carla nodded.

“Well, brother, you can tell me if you have any concerns.” Carla looked at him.

Jamie chuckled, “I’m fine.”

Carla did not continue to ask, everyone has something they don’t want to say to others.

After Jamie left, she did not enter the ward immediately, but wondered, who bought which way?

Kathy? Jenna?

But they did not know that she is pregnant.



Suddenly, there was a sound of shattering things in the ward. Carla raised her heart and pushed open the door violently. She saw the broken glass under Lucia’s feet. She walked over and stooped to pick up the shreds on the ground. Mom, do you want to drink water, sit down first, I will clean up here, and pour it for you—”

Before she could finish her words, Lucia suddenly grabbed her wrist and looked in a daze, “Yes.”

Carla raised her head and looked at her mother, “What’s the matter?”

Lucia also seemed to be entangled. She just grabbed Carla’s hand and worked harder, “The kid in your stomach, don’t ask for it, please?”

Chapter 22

It’s just the beginning now, and when it is born, without a father. What if the baby is yellow-haired and blue-eyed? What should others think of it?

Carla knew that Lucia was irritated, but she didn’t expect that she repeated the old thing.


Lucia let go of her, repeating the sentence as if the soul had gone out of her body, “If you don’t want it, I know you don’t want it.”

She sat on the hospital bed and shrank at the head of the hospital bed, stunned, “It is gone, no more—”

Carla was startled, a little unbelievable, she, what happened to her?

Carla hurried to call the doctor, but Lucia did not cooperate and was self-harming. The doctor gave her a sedative.

“Preliminary judgment, the patient may be suffering from mental illness.” The doctor made a preliminary judgment after the examination.

Carla’s body shook, and she stood firmly on the cabinet behind her with her hands, “How could it be so serious?”

“Did your mother traumatize in her heart before? Actually, it was not caused by a single stimulation, but because of inner depression for too long and after the outbreak.”

Carla’s lips trembled. After being sent abroad by Shawn, her mother never laughed. She must have been traumatized in her heart. Later, her younger brother was born and suffered from autism. Later, he died and she became pregnant. Everything hit her a little.

This stimulation was the last straw that overwhelmed her.

Her endurance has reached its limit, as long as she gently touches the fragile string in her heart, she will completely lose control.

“Yes, how do you treat it?” Carla said incoherently, just insisting on it.

The doctor sighed, “Mental illness is not easy to treat. Are you not familiar with Dr. Gill? He is a doctor in this field. I think he should be able to help you.”

Carla thought of Jamie’s performance before, did he perceive something?

Is it just bad to talk to her?

“I suggest that you transfer your mother to a psychiatric department.”

Carla nodded and said yes.

After sending the doctor away, she lay on the ground, staring at Lucia’s scratched face, she was so heartbroken that she could hardly breathe.

She kept thinking of her crazy and even self-harming in her mind.

On that day, Lucia was transferred to the psychiatric department, because mentally ill patients are emotionally unstable, self-injury, and unconsciously hurt others. Even relatives, they can only visit within the specified time.

Almost isolated treatment from the outside world.

After coming out of the hospital, Carla packed Lucia’s belongings, and withdrew from the house.

The landlord did not refund the deposit because of the things on the door.

Lucia’s medical expenses were paid by Jamie for her.

She feels more and more owed to Jamie.

When she was in a trance, the car stopped at the villa, she took the bag and paid to get out of the car.

Standing at the door of the villa, she was in a daze, but she didn’t expect to take shelter in this place temporarily.

When she was about to enter the house, a car drove in. She had lived here not long ago, but she still recognized Ryan’s car and stood still.

Ryan got out of the car and looked at Carla standing there. His voice was slightly cold, “Where have you been?”

He went to the hospital and said that she had been discharged from the hospital. What did she do this long?

Carla didn’t explain, she was already exhausted about Lucia’s affairs.

Faintly said, “Something’s going on.”

Ryan frowned, what is her attitude?

He stepped over…

In a trance, he seemed to have an angry face, and many figures were overlapped, Carla’s consciousness gradually blurred, and she lost consciousness in the dark.

Ryan moved fast, and at the moment she was about to fall to the ground, he caught her.

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