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Chapter 23

Her waist was slender, and he couldn’t tell that she was pregnant. Her body was very soft. With such close contact, an inexplicable sense of familiarity emerged from the bottom of his heart.

Ryan frowned, this feeling is very subtle.

Unexplainable, unclear.

Why is there such a strange feeling after knowing each other soon?

Before he had time to savor it, two people walked in at the door, one was Ramiro and the other was Alma.

Seeing Ryan holding Carla, both of them were taken aback.

Especially Alma, if she hadn’t faced Ryan, she would have jumped angrily.

Crazy to die!


Ryan picked up Carla, turned around, and entered the house, Ramiro glanced at Alma who was standing there, “Blair, although he married Miss Lane, even if he doesn’t love her, he is a husband and wife after all, so he can’t watch her faint and drop on to the ground, right?”

Alma sneered slightly, “How can she faint? Didn’t you seduce her on purpose?”

Ramiro hadn’t recollected it before, Alma said again, “She was not sick, she fainted well, isn’t it strange?”

There is some truth to this.

Compared with Carla, Ramiro believes that Alma is a little bit more, after all, they have known each other for a long time and are partners at work.

Although Carla can be regarded as an unfortunate woman, unlike Alma alone, who has been following Ryan for so many years, so his heart is naturally biased towards her.

Ryan, who entered the house holding Carla, put her on the bed. When he was about to get up, she suddenly grabbed him by the collar——

“Mom, I’m sorry, don’t give up on me—”

Ryan was taken aback, staring down at her little hand holding his collar, slowly falling on her face, she looked very painful, as if hysterical.

Ryan frowned, “Carla?”

Carla couldn’t hear it, as if she was in some kind of panic. She looked very disturbed, but soon recovered her calm, released Ryan, and fell asleep deeply.

He slowly straightened up, looked at her for two seconds, turned around, and walked out of the room.

Alma sat on the sofa, holding the water cup tightly with both hands, Ryan stayed in the room for an extra second, and her heart was suffering.

Shouldn’t this woman take care of her mother in the hospital?

Why came back?

When Ramiro went to investigate Carla, Alma knew about it. So when Ramiro sent someone to country A to investigate Carla’s information, Alma’s people came first and introduced Carla’s business. The woman of the hotel was killed, creating the illusion of an ‘accidental’ falling from upstairs to death.

This is also the key to why Ramiro didn’t find out what happened that night.

She tried her best, for fear that Ryan and Carla had too much time to get along, to buy through the people in the community where Carla’s mother lived, and to say something ugly, which stimulated Lucia to be hospitalized, leaving Carla no time to spend time with Ryan and get along.

But unexpectedly, this woman didn’t even stay in the hospital.

She was even held by Ryan.

The more she thinks about it, the more Alma’s heart collapses.

So much so that the control of facial expressions is ignored.

Ryan came out of the room, and had a panoramic view of Alma’s emotions, and he walked over calmly.

She stood up, and almost blurted out the question. Fortunately, she was sane, “Is Miss Lane sick?”

Ryan didn’t answer right away, but sat on the sofa with his slender legs folded, then slowly raised his eyes and looked at Alma, half warm and half cold, which was unpredictable.

Alma’s heart suddenly came to her throat. Such Ryan scared her and cautiously said, “Ryan——”

“Yeah.” His lips curled up with a smile, “What’s the matter?”

There was nothing wrong in this way, Alma calmed down and tried to sit next to him, but he did not reject it.

The heart that was holding was slightly lowered.

“This is the contract for the Repulse site.” Ramiro handed the folder to Ryan.

The reason why Alma followed Ramiro was that she heard him say that Ryan wanted a contract for this piece of land.

This land is located in Repulse Bay, surrounded by mountains and rivers. It is a good place. Planning a vacation is a good project, so there are many people who want it.

It was just that in the first two years of bidding for this piece of land, AAA Group held the right to develop the bid, but now the group did not want to develop this land, so it decided to auction it.

But suddenly Ryan asked for a contract for this piece of land, which made her a little worried.

After all, Shawn went to the company to show that he wanted this piece of land. At that time, Ryan didn’t show any face, and he didn’t even see anyone.

Carla is Shawn’s daughter. She is afraid that Ryan will give this land to Lane because of Carla.

She didn’t care about this piece of land, but about Ryan’s attitude towards Carla!

“Isn’t this land decided to be auctioned?” Alma asked seemingly inadvertently.

Although she asked naturally, how could Ryan not even see such a low-level temptation?

However, he didn’t expose it, nor did he explain it through. Instead, he reached out and put his arm around her shoulder, “Alma, when did you change?”

Chapter 24

What does Alma look like?

“Me, where did I change?” she was slightly unclear.

Ryan squeezed her chin and forced her to look at him, “You didn’t ask this kind of question before.”

Meeting his eyes, Alma was stunned for a moment. The coldness of her eyes was something she had never seen before.

She couldn’t help but become nervous, “I—”

Suddenly she changed from her previous obedient, sensible and dignified, a little out of control, “I’m afraid, because I’m afraid!”

She earned Ryan’s embrace, covered her face with her hands, choked with pain, “I’m afraid you will give this piece of land to Miss Lane. I’m afraid you will fall in love with her because she is your wife. I’m afraid, I’m afraid. You don’t want me anymore—”

Saying that she cried slightly, looking very sad

This is what Ryan has never seen before.

He closed his eyes, frowned his eyebrows, and his expression was so complicated that no one could see it through.

After a long time, Alma changed from crying to sobbing.

She knew that she had to be forbearing, but sometimes she needed to tie a man’s heart with tears and grievance.

Ryan opened his eyes and calmed down.

Reached out and hugged her back into his arms, “Is that so wronged?”

Alma was in his arms, sobbing, “I’m just afraid of losing you.”

Ryan sighed, “No.”

She may be a little careful, small calculation, not as pure as the surface.

But she has been with him for many years.

He didn’t want to go into it.

Inside the house.

Carla was awakened by the ringing of her cell phone.

It was Jamie who sent her a message, a photo, the front of which was common in the community where she lived. From the photo, it seemed to be talking to a woman.

This back figure…

Carla looked familiar, but she couldn’t remember for a while, and when she was entangled in who this figure was, her stomach rolled over, “Uh-“

She got up and ran out of the bedroom and went into the bathroom.

Lying on the side of the sink and retching.

In the living room, Ramiro froze for a moment, Carla said it was too sudden.

And she didn’t close the bathroom, and she seemed uncomfortable to throw up wherever she was.

“Miss Lane is pregnant.” Alma looked at Carla who was vomiting.

She thought Ryan didn’t know, so she deliberately said it.

“It should be the man who hugged her on that day.” Alma deliberately arranged for the child in Carla’s stomach, “Father.” ‘

In this way, Ryan would only hate her.

Ramiro dropped his chin in shock. The woman Ryan married was planted by another man in her belly?

Wouldn’t it be that when marrying her, there is a prairie on top of your head?

He quietly looked up and observed Ryan’s expression.

He thought there would be anger, irritation, but not, surprisingly calm.

Even Alma felt unimaginable.

He’s not angry, doesn’t he hate her?


Ryan leaned back on the sofa, apparently not wanting to hear what she said.

Alma could only shut her mouth.

Although she wants to vomit, She can’t vomit anything every time, it’s retching.

After nausea passed, Carla rinsed her mouth and walked out of the bathroom, only to find someone sitting in the living room. Seeing Alma who was in Ryan’s arms, she didn’t want to bother and turned around to enter the room.

But suddenly a flash of light flashed in her mind, Alma.

She turned around, looked at Alma, and then at the photo on the phone, with curly chestnut hair, and about the same height.

Her eyes shrank sharply, the woman who bought the neighbor, was her?

Thinking of how she framed her and pushed her, Carla instantly understood what was going on!

She must feel that she married Ryan and robbed her of her place, so she held a grudge.

Only then would she buy the neighbor and deliberately slander her, and the mother who is so hurt that now she suffered from mental illness because of this!

The more she thought about it, the pain in her heart, got harder…

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