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Chapter 397

In desperation, she went to find Holden. Holden was her first love. The two families also met and the wedding date was set.

She was desperate and wanted to seek help from her boyfriend. However, she did not see him when she arrived at Tate’s house, only Holden’s mother, Mrs. Tate.

“Holden has gone on a business trip abroad, and will not come back for the time being.” Madam Tate sat in the main hall, lacking the gentleness and kindness of the past, showing a mean face at the moment.

“I say Della, you want Tate’s money before you marry into the Tate family, isn’t it too much?”

Mrs. Tate’s words caught Della by surprise. Mrs. Tate liked her very much and treated her very well, but when her father passed away and encountered difficulties in the family, she changed her face, and she was no longer the amiable Aunt Tate who liked her.

“I just want Holden to help me once, and I will pay him back in the future.” Della stood in the yard.

It was big summer at that time, and at noon, the sun was very scorching.

Della’s face was flushed with sweat, and Mrs. Tate never let her into the house, but said mercilessly, “Return? What are you going to pay? As far as I know, your family has already lost a lot of money.”

“The number of times is even more amazing. Without your father, what else does the Scott family have? In fact, it is not impossible to help you. If you are willing to give me the craftsmanship of making fragrant yarn, I may also consider lending you this money.”

Della never expected that she would want the cloth-making sk!lls of the Scott family.

At that moment, she knew that a person’s face has two sides, and it can be changed when you say it changes. It will catch you off guard, make you feel like a knife, let you know that you are a fool, and you treat others like your relatives. Just want to take your things.

“What if I don’t want it?” Scott’s cloth-making craftsmanship has never been passed on. Only the blood relatives of the family can get the true pass.

How could she hand over the things from her ancestors, besides handing over the technology of making the silk craft, is the silk craft still from the Scott family?

She can’t let it be buried in her generation.

Madam Tate snorted coldly, “It’s really shameless. I don’t think your marriage contract with Holden needs to continue. From today on, you don’t have anything to do with us. My Tate family and Scott family don’t have anything to do with each other!”

Madam Tate’s decision let Della know that Madam Tate agreed to be with Holden at first because she was just interested in the cloth-making craftsmanship of the Scott family. Now she refuses to hand it over and the Scott family is facing a huge crisis, so she shows her true colors.

But her relationship with Holden is true.

“If you want to dissolve, you let Holden tell me by himself.” Even though her heart was bleeding at the moment, Della never cried, and stubbornly refused to shed a tear in front of Madam Tate.

Mrs. Tate sneered, “Okay, okay, very good, I think you are toasting and not eating fine wine!”

Soon Della was hit by the Tate family.

The Tate family unilaterally announced that the dissolution of their marriage contract with the Scott family made the already shaky Scott family even worse.

The buyers who had given them time to raise money before heard that the Tate family had drawn a clear line from the Scott family and asked immediately.

The Scott family wanted money, but if they couldn’t pay, they had to auction their house to grab their cloth-making sk!lls.

Just when Della was desperate, a woman approached her.

Chapter 398

This person was Lolla.

At that time, she was very direct, and she said, “You need money very much. I can give it to you, but I need you to do me a favor.”

Della was astonished, and thought she was a lunatic. They had never met each other, and had no friendship. They had to give her money when they opened their mouths, so that she felt that they were people who came to tease her and watch her jokes. “I don’t know you, please leave.”

Lolla never got angry, but asked people around her to hand over a business card, “Come to me if you need it.”

After speaking, she turned and left.

Not long after she left, a group of people came to the house and forcibly took Kurtis away. If Della couldn’t pay the money within three days, they would send Kurtis in.

When her father was alive, Della never worried about money and didn’t have many friends. Apart from her family, she was best with Holden.

But at this time, Holden, who she trusted the most, was gone.

Her world collapsed overnight.

She had nowhere to raise the huge sum of money, and on the third night, she dialed the contact information Lolla gave her.

Della said as soon as she opened her mouth that she would do her a favor, but she needed money.

At that time, Lolla sent the huge sum of money to her account, and Kurtis was spared jail, and also compensated the buyer for the cloth money that went wrong.

After the matter was resolved, Lolla came again.

Della asked, “What do you want me to do?”

Lolla did not say directly, but handed over a picture of Nelson and said, “Do you think he looks good?”

When Della saw the photo, she was indeed amazed by the man in the photo, with deep eyes and sculptural features. In the photo, his suit and leather shoes, and the scene of getting out of the car, the angle of the photo looked like a candid photo.

Lolla smiled, “He is my husband, I made this photo secretly.”

Della became even more puzzled, “What are you doing to show me your husband’s picture?”

Lolla looked at Della for a long time before saying, “I want you to be his lover.”

Della stood still as if struck by lightning, unable to return to her senses for a long time.

Did she hear it wrong, or did she say the wrong thing to find a lover for her husband?

This is simply the funniest joke she has ever heard in her life.

However, Lolla calmly said, “You are right. I want you to be my husband’s lover and give birth to a child.”

“You can’t give birth?” Carla frowned. How could she find a lover for her husband?

Isn’t this a brain flood?

Carla also said that she could not understand.

“At first I thought it was because she couldn’t give birth to find a woman for my husband and asked to have a child, but it was not. She was healthy and able to bear children. I remember when Ryan was seven, she was pregnant and Ryan was eight. When she gave birth.”

God, doesn’t Ryan still have a brother or sister?

“Where is that kid?” Carla asked.

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen it. Then it was the news of her death. I never saw her again. I don’t know where her child is going.” Della said honestly.

Shortly after her death, Nelson married Della as a matchmaker.

Because Della had already agreed, she had already received the money, so she could not go back, and could only leave with Lolla.

In fact, the biggest reason is the disappearance of Holden.

What happened to the Scott family lasted a month. The man who once said that he loved her, guarded her, and wanted to spend his time with her, disappeared from her world when she encountered difficulties.

Her heart is ashamed, and then she will leave with Lolla.

After arriving in city b, she was arranged by Lolla in a house with everything in it, and a servant was also arranged for her.

Lolla also came over to talk to her from time to time and asked her if she would be unaccustomed to it.

She was very nice and treats Della very well.

Della wondered why she found her.

“What do you think of me? Such a large sum of money, besides, your husband has a successful career…”

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