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Chapter 1219


Marshall and the others hurriedly attacked him.

Had death tightly.

“Rodner run behind the God of War!”

Marshall roared.

Hearing this, Rodner carried Levi on his back and ran away.

Reaper just smiled contemptuously.

Under him are all ants.

These people can’t stop him!





Phillip and dozens of Lords from Jon, he slapped one to death.

In less than thirty seconds, he shot them all to death.

Levi, who was carried by Rodner on his back, watched the unknown brothers fall down one by one.

“I fight with you!”

The gray-haired Marshall lifted the long knife and slashed down fiercely.


It’s just that Reaper clasped it with his neck.


Pinch hard and break…


The god of death threw Marshall up, punched through the body, blood bursting.

Marshall threw out dozens of meters before landing on the ground.

Before Marshall swallowed his breath, he squeezed out his voice: “Be sure to fight for protection…”


“I fight with you!”

The three great heroes and Phillip raised the sword and rushed up.

But the result…

Phillip died.

Norterjen’s three great heroes died!

Everyone is holding a long knife, even if he is dead, he doesn’t want to kneel down.



Only the Dragon Tiger monk is left in the field.

The two are considered the strongest among this group of people, and they belong to the category of god-level powerhouses.

The two can still break their wrists with the god of death.



The iron rods in the hands of the two hit the god of death, and they were able to force him back.


Two cold glows shot into Reaper’s eyes.



He even forcibly broke the iron rod of Monk Dragon and Tiger.



The two monks were beaten out, and a blood hole appeared in each of their bodies…

So far!

The hundreds of people who came to escort Levi were wiped out.

No one survived!

All died on the way to charge!

They are all indomitable guys!

All heroes!

Even if it is a group of rough people.

But much better than those insidious noble hypocrites!

They can all stand up in front of all right and wrong.

“God of War coming soon!”

Rodner has already seen the town ahead.

Only one hundred meters left.

Rodner God of War is still sprinting with all his strength.

Levi, who was carried upside down, saw the god of death chasing after him.

“Pa pa……”

His speed is really fast.

In a blink of an eye, he caught up with them.

Seeing only a few tens of meters away, Rodner War God was unwilling.

Just one step away!

“Aren’t you from the wolf kingdom? You still have to protect your enemies?”

The god of death spoke slowly.

“You don’t understand a k!lling machine, God of War is the person I admire the most…”

Rodner suddenly confided in his heart.

With the effort of speaking, Rodner God of War suddenly threw Levi out.


Unbiased, Levi was thrown to the entrance of the town.

“you wanna die!”

Reaper knew that he had been fooled, so he roared and rushed towards Levi.


However, Rodner God of War rushed forward, clinging to Death God’s waist tightly, not allowing him to move forward.





Reaper’s fist hit the back of Rodner War God with a furious fist.


Rodner’s God of War gurgled with blood.

But he smiled.

“Brothers, I have completed the task!”

He shouted.

The god of death smashed him into flesh with dozens of punches.

Levi could only watch…

“How about entering the town?”

The god of death looked at Levi.

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