The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 1655

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Chapter 1655

Roderick left with a group of people mighty.

“Immediately contact Orion Group and say I agree, and let their boss come to me to negotiate terms!”

Roderick said angrily.

Next, he will do some earth-shattering events for Sarah and show her relatives and friends his power.

Let those who think he is a nerd, see how he becomes the Lord of the world.

The only way is to sell weapons to the Orion Group.

At that time, a battle against Velador.

His name will shine in the world.

Soon, Roderick got in touch with the headquarters of Orion Group.

In the discussion meeting, all the major high-level leaders of the Alliance Army gathered.

This includes men in trench coats.

Roderick put forward many conditions.

He even wants to be the Lord of Velador.

He wanted Sarah and others to see him doing something earth-shattering.

The alliance agreed to all the conditions.

Overnight, the weapons of Emperor’s Laboratory were quietly shipped out.

Emperor’s Laboratory also moved out of Velador overnight, and after receiving resources and funds, it began to accelerate the production of weapons.

Roderick also left Velador.

“Madman! He is a madman!”

Sarah said.

Levi wondered why Roderick was so scary?

“Bryant check it out!”

Levi immediately asked Bryant and the others to investigate.

The result is that the other party did not leave any clues.

Like the report, Roderick’s company is bio-genetic technology, and there is nothing unusual.

“That’s weird, how can an ordinary person have such energy? Let the supreme-level powerhouse hug from behind! That is, he has something that the supreme-level powerhouse can’t refuse?”

Levi was very puzzled.

Nothing can be found so far.

We can only wait for Bryant to continue the investigation.

With the participation of Roderick and Emperor’s Laboratory, the alliance army is even more powerful.

They officially named the Domination League.

The masters of the alliance are the four Lords.

No one knows the specific identity.

They speeded up the formation of the dominant alliance.

Next, the Domination Alliance began to win over the supreme powerhouses and their forces in Velador and surrounding areas.

The first to be found in Velador was the Allen family.

After the dominance of the alliance expresses its intention.

The Allen family immediately agreed.

They don’t have the concept of the country in their eyes.

They only know revenge.

The Velador forces that were found afterward were evil ways.

In Velador, they were despised by everyone.

Especially in the circle of warriors, the reputation is particularly low, similar to that of a mouse crossing the street.

So when the Domination Alliance found them, these people hit it off.

Whether it is interests or long-term enmity, these evil ways are excited.

All Bad joined the Domination Alliance

All the Tiger Temple Hall joined, all the Ice and Fire Hall joined the Domination Alliance, and the two main hall Lords, Ice Venerable and Fire Venerable, Blood Demon Palace… Evil Moon City… Yellow Spring Palace…

One evil door after another agreed to join the Domination Alliance.

Many of the leaders of the forces are the powerhouses of the Supreme Sixth Heaven.

This force is too strong.

It’s much better than dominating the league.

This is still increasing.

When the time comes, there will be a shocking battle, and their evil ways alone will be enough for Velador to drink a pot.

What surprised them, even more, was that a group of mysterious forces took the initiative to find them and wanted to join the alliance army.

They claim to be the forces behind the Northern Demons who were eliminated by Velador.

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