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Chapter 871

Where did she go?

Peter turned around and left, saw someone coming, and asked, “Have you seen anyone coming out of my office?”

The man shook his head, “I didn’t see anyone.”

She has nowhere to go, will she go back to school?

Thinking of this, Peter strode towards the door and greeted Eileen who came in.

“So hurried? Where to go?” Eileen was wearing a floral dress, white sandals, curly hair, and delicate makeup, looking at him with a smile.

Peter said, “Nowhere.”

“Since there is nothing wrong, let’s have a cup of tea together. I want to say a few words to you.” She curled her lips, “Is it somewhere, or in your office?”

“Eileen, actually I have something…”

“Did you not just say that it was okay? Do you deliberately avoid me? Because of what happened at my house last time?”

“It’s not…”

“What is that? We have known each other for so long, don’t you know me? I asked you just to apologize. I divorced because he betrayed me. I have opinions on men, so I would catch them. I am embarrassed by anyone. I have been very regretful these past few days. I especially want to say to you face to face. I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s okay. I didn’t take it to heart. I really have something to go after.” Peter nodded, apologized, and walked out quickly.

“I am here.”

Just as Peter was about to step out of the gate, Sandy stopped him.

She did not leave, just wanted to find relevant personnel to understand the situation, and wanted to claim her mother for burial. She passed the office of the General Administration and heard what Eileen and Peter said.

Although she wants to be a person who can help Peter, she knows that even if she graduates, she may not be a person who can help him. Now he has a certain height. A good person like him should have better development.

He should marry someone who can help him.

Peter frowned, “Where have you been?”

“I went to find the relevant personnel. I understand everything. I want her to settle down early.”

Eileen smiled, “You talk, I won’t bother you two.”

At this moment, it was the same good-looking person she showed at the beginning, but in fact, she didn’t think so in my heart.

But in order to restore the image in front of Peter, she must do this.

After finishing speaking, walk away.

The moment she passed them, the smile on her face disappeared completely.

“If you want me to help, just say it.” Peter said.

Sandy shook her head, “No need of help, I will take her back to her hometown for burial.”

Peter looked at her, “You, are you all right?”

She looked like she couldn’t hold on any longer before, why is it like it’s okay now?

How could it be all right? It’s just hidden, she has always been a strong person.

“People can’t come back from death. I will continue to work hard in the future. I don’t think my mother who passed away would want to see me sad.”

“It’s good for you to think so.” Peter breathed a sigh of relief, really afraid that she might not think about it.

“Peter.” Harrison walked in and saw Sandy also smiling and saying hello, “Yo, Sandy, you are here too.”

“You should have something to say, I’ll go first.” Sandy nodded at them, turned and walked out. She has already understood the relevant procedures and can take the body away anytime after finishing the procedures.

Harrison’s arm rested on Peter’s shoulder, “You guys quarreled? Why do you look at her upset and her eyes are swollen? You bullied her?”

Peter didn’t bother to pay attention to him, and gave him a light look, “Is something wrong with me?”

Harrison smiled, “Actually, there is nothing important.”

“Since it’s okay, let’s go.” Peter walked towards the office, and Harrison followed him, curling his lips, “You, how do you value your s3x than your friends?”

Peter said with a cold face, obviously not in the mood to talk to him, Harrison cautiously hit him with his shoulder, “You and Sandy are awkward…”

“Have you enough?” Peter interrupted him coldly.

Harrison cursed in his heart, he was really in a bad mood, he didn’t continue, and said seriously, “I have something to look for you today.”

Peter opened the door and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“That’s… Ryan asked us to go to the villa, as if to invite us to dinner.” Harrison’s eyes didn’t turn to Peter.

He came to Peter because he wanted him to accompany him to the villa for a meal. In fact, the main reason was to meet Alecia. This was the real purpose.

But Peter didn’t seem to be in a very good mood. He told the truth that Peter would definitely not want to go to the villa with him, so he lied and said that Ryan asked them to go.

He couldn’t find an excuse to go to the villa himself, so he could only drag him along.

Peter didn’t doubt it, and said, “I see.”

Harrison didn’t treat him as an outsider here, so he took a cup and took a glass of water. “It’s past four now. I’ll wait for you. Let’s go together.”

He took a glass of water and drank it and lay on the sofa.

Peter put down the file in his hand and looked at Harrison, “If you have this time, it is better to go to the villa first. Alecia lives in the villa.”

Harrison said without embarrassment, “I am not like you one by one who value s3x and despise friends, I am a good person.”

“The good people in this world are afraid that they will die, so they will take your turn.” Peter had an expression that he could see through, “Are you afraid of Alecia?”

Harrison’s mouth was stiff, “What am I afraid of her?”

He can’t admit it if he is afraid, or should be looked down upon.

Can’t lose a face in front of your buddies.

Peter saw him thoroughly, “Just be stiff.”

Josh didn’t hear him, his legs swayed back and forth on the coffee table.

When it was five o’clock, Harrison began to feel unbearable, and urged Peter to get off work, “Come, let’s go.”

Peter was pulled out of the office by Harrison.

“We can just drive a car.” Harrison pulled Peter towards his car.

Peter pulled away his hand, “What are you doing in such a hurry?”

“I’m hungry.” Harrison answered him casually.

They drove to the villa. At this time, Ryan had just returned with his two children. Carla and the two children were sitting on the sofa and eating watermelon. Ryan said that he was sweaty and went to take a shower.

“Mummy, you see this is what I caught.” Iris began to show off, “We went to the playground in the mall, and there were so many fun in it. We played them all once, really happy.”

Carla inserted another sliced watermelon and put it in her mouth, “So come back so late?”

“Yeah, I really want to go again.” Iris was already looking forward to the next time. She held the fluffy rag doll she caught in love with her, and left Snowball aside.

Alan glanced at his sister, “How much did you use to clip this doll?”

Iris seemed to be stepped on her tail, and her hair exploded. “You care how much money I spend, and I didn’t spend your money. Dad said as long as I am happy, why are you talking to mommy? How much did I spend? Didn’t you also spend a lot of money playing racing?”

“We are not the same. I play racing and start losing quickly. I win a lot later. But you, clip a doll and spend more than one thousand. Each clip requires only two game coins. How many more than one thousand can be clipped? And it’s equivalent to buying your doll for more than one thousand.”

Carla turned to look at the doll in her daughter’s arms. It was an ordinary plush doll. It was only 70 or 80 in the toy store. She actually spent more than a thousand to get it from the claw machine?

Chapter 872

Carla frowned slightly, mainly because this thing is not worth so much money, but she did not say that she knew that this is a game. It is not how much the clip is worth, but the process and time of the clip, the time of joy.

She touched her daughter’s head, “Happy?”

Iris nodded vigorously, “Happy, dad bought me whatever I want.”

Speaking, she took out a very high-quality bag from the paper bag she brought back. She carried it on her back and showed it to Carla, “Mummy, do you think it is beautiful?”

Still stinkingly turning around.


Carla said it was pretty, and reached out and picked up the bag, there was one inside, and Iris rushed over, “Mommy, this is a mother-daughter model, this is yours, we will carry it together next time.”

Carla took it out, and she and her daughter were in mother-daughter models. The latest season of Hermès embroidered mother-daughter models, no matter what the new product is, then the new model is the most expensive, and Hermes, which is a luxury product, is not even less cheaper.

The bag I bought last time hasn’t been used yet, “It’s a bit wasteful.”

“Don’t you like Mommy?” Iris asked.

“Like.” A woman has no resistance to these things. Although she feels too extravagant, she is still very happy in her heart. After all, her husband bought it.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. Xenia was cooking in the kitchen. Samantha went to help Alecia in the house. When the two children came back, she asked Samantha to help her. No one had time to open the door. Carla got up and went.

At the door are Peter and Harrison.

“sister in law.”

Carla turned sideways to let them in.

At this point must be here for dinner, Carla called Xenia to let her prepare more.

“Went shopping?” Harrison saw a lot of things on the sofa.

Before Carla spoke, Iris began to show off, “Yes, Dad took us out to play.”

Harrison smiled, “Really?”

“Of course.” Iris smiled, put her things into the paper bag, as if thinking of something, patted her forehead suddenly, “Right, I bought something for Snowball.”

It is a light blue dog costume with a hat.

Iris put it on Snowball happily, Carla stood aside, looked at her daughter’s excitement, and couldn’t help but smile.

“What do you two want to drink?” Carla said to Harrison and Peter.

“I’m not thirsty.” Peter said, and Harrison also said that he was not thirsty. He drank in Peter’s office.

“You bought everything for the puppy, did you buy something for me?” Harrison sat on the sofa and teased Iris

Iris raised her head, her eyes wide open, “Why should I buy it for you?”

With a snort, Alan couldn’t help but laugh.

“Uncle Josh…” He shut up in time.

Harrison looked at Alan who was covering his mouth, narrowed his eyes and asked, “What do you want to say? Why don’t you say it again?”

He is not a fool, he obviously knows what he wants to say.

Alan shook his head, he dared not speak, nor could he speak.

Iris didn’t know what her brother was going to say, and asked, “Brother, what are you going to say? Why don’t you say it, how can you say half of your words?”

Alan said, “I can’t say, I’m afraid Uncle Josh will beat me.”

“What are you trying to say, why would Uncle Josh beat you?” Iris kept asking, breaking the casserole’s posture of asking the end.

“Your brother wants to say that he is not as good as a dog.” Alecia, who was helped by Samantha to walk out, heard their conversation and answered Iris’s question.

“Oh, that’s the case.” Iris thought about it, as if she understood, she had bought things for Snowball, but not for Uncle Josh, so he might as well be like Snowball.

“I’ll buy it for you next time, what do you like Uncle Josh?” She tilted her head back.

Harrison looked at her cute big eyes with a warm heart, stretched out his hand and squeezed her cheek, “Thank you, why are you so cute?”

“Then do you like me?” Iris asked with a smile.

Harrison answered without hesitation, “Of course, no one doesn’t like children.”

“Do you like children too?”

“Of course, I will also be a father in the future.” Harrison said.

Hearing such a topic, Alecia’s mouth was dull and unable to breathe, she did it on the sofa, “Samantha please bring me a glass of water.”

Samantha poured a glass of water and handed it to her. After she drank it, she was slightly depressed.

Harrison noticed that her face was not so good, and asked concerned, “Are you uncomfortable?”

Alecia smiled and said, “Are your eyes uncomfortable seeing me?” As she reached out, she touched Snowball’s head, looked at the clothes Snowball was wearing, and at Harrison, they were all the same color. She asked with a smile, “Are you wearing a couple outfit?”

Peter, “…”

Harrison just looked at Alecia and said nothing.

Alecia leaned on the sofa and said with a smile, “Oh, I’m sorry I made a mistake. Snowball has the same gender as you and cannot be paired.”

Carla knew the pain in Alecia’s heart, if she had thought it was too mean before, but now, she doesn’t feel it at all.

Compared with a few ugly words, what is the physical and mental trauma?

She packed up all the paper bags on the sofa and went upstairs.

The atmosphere downstairs was still horrified. Harrison stared at Alecia, before laughing for a long time, “Why, you understand me so much?”

“I’m just discussing matters, don’t get excited.” Alecia also smiled.

“I’m not excited.” Harrison pretended to be relaxed, and said with a chuckle, “You will make me think that you still care about me if you target me so much. In fact, I like you to target me.”

Alecia cast him a cold look, “Being affectionate!”

“Just think it’s me who is passionate.” He bent his nose and smoothed his white hair. “I don’t know if your animal has a heart. If it doesn’t, I wouldn’t mind being a brother with you.”

After hearing what he said, Peter raised his eyebrows. What are these words? Wouldn’t he also indirectly become brothers with Snowball?

Harrison thought to himself, without heart, there would be no feelings, and without feelings, there would be no feeling of heartache.

“If you and Snowball are brothers, don’t you become a dog?” Iris couldn’t hear the deep meaning of Harrison’s words.

Harrison smiled, “Does your Aunt Nalina hate that she didn’t find it? If you can make her happy, let alone be a dog, just be a grandson.”

Peter was not in a high mood because of Sandy’s affairs, so he never said a word, but what happened here did not stop.

In order to create a space where Harrison and Alecia can get along, he said to the two children, “How about we go outside and wander around?”

The two children waved their hands at the same time, “We want to go back to the room and rest.”

After shopping outside for a day, Peter said, “I am with you.”

It’s okay not to go out and go back to the room. As long as it is not the living room.

“Uncle Shane, are you tired too?” Iris asked.

Peter said, “Well, I’m tired too, so can you let me rest in your room?”

“Of course.” Iris took her own things and thoughtfully took Peter’s hand back to the room.

Alan naturally went back to the room, and he also bought something. He was racing on the simulated track. He did not rest in the room. Instead, he sat on the carpet and took apart the boxes and spliced the tracks.

Peter was lying on the sofa by the window, and Iris lay on the bed and fiddled with her bags and dolls. The atmosphere was very harmonious, which was different from the atmosphere in the living room.

Harrison looked at Alecia and wanted to ask, what on earth do you want me to forgive me for giving me a chance?

He knew in his heart that it was irrational, even if he asked, he would rush to Alecia’s attitude towards him, and would definitely say, “I will never forgive you.”

She was really decisive with herself.

“Do we have to be like this? Can’t we speak peacefully?”

Alecia sneered, “I only have peace of mind with the people I like. I’m sorry that you are the person I don’t like, and you just like to appear in front of me and put me in a very bad mood, If I didn’t yell at you, I wouldn’t be quite calm.”

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