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Chapter 1692

The Western Territory Theater is really a purgatory on earth.

The war zone with the most casualties.

If it weren’t for medical skills, the magical medicine would not hold on.

The fifth line of defense on the west has long been broken.

The opponent is too strong.

One offense is stronger than one!

There are harassment and oppression by evil people in the rear.

The medical king family has already lost half of its strength.

They can hold on for two more days at most, not as good as the Eastern Territory Theater.

“Isn’t Colin’s reinforcements coming?”

The Medical King looked depressed.

He was also covered in blood.

The old man is extremely powerful.

Just one person k!lled two Sixth Heavenly Powerhouses and eight Five Heavenly Powerhouses.

“Now Colin’s reinforcements are all stopped by the evil people in the Valley Palace and the Blood Demon Palace, and they can’t come to us at all!”

Marty Bates was even more depressed and said, “Grandpa, I say that I shouldn’t have come! We worked hard for them in front! It’s not worth it!”

“Yes, if the Medical King continues to fight like this, we will all be gone! I haven’t figured it out yet, why are we desperately here?”

“We are all supreme beings of both medical and martial arts, so why do we work hard for ordinary people?”

Hearing everyone saying this, the Medical King’s face was extremely gloomy.

They know how powerful the other party is.

If this continues, they will all die!

“Yes, there are reinforcements! A surprise attack on the North and South theaters! But after all, it was a surprise attack. You don’t need to think about it. What’s the use of a small force against the army of the Upper West? Not to mention that people are now fortified and are preventing your attack!”

Someone immediately said.

Marty Bates echoed: “Yes, that’s right! What’s more, this amazing soldier must go to the Eastern Theater first! Let alone how powerful the enemy in the Eastern Theater is. Even if this amazing soldier succeeds, it will take a long time. Time, we are all destroyed by then!”

“So no matter what, we are a dead end!”

“The meaning of our existence now is to extend the time for Velador and block the most powerful enemy!”

After Marty analyzed the results.

The audience was silent.

“In other words, if we stick to it, it will be a dead-end!”


“The fcuk, I won’t do it! I didn’t want to come! It’s not worth working for Colin, for the ordinary people!”

“Yes, I quit!”

“I don’t want to die!”

“Then what do you say?”

The majestic voice of the Medical King sounded.

Marty Bates thought for a while and said: “Just surrender! Just save our strength! Even though our interests are greatly damaged, most of our strength can be preserved in this way!”

“Yes, I think the eldest son is right! Many forces in Velador choose to protect themselves, just to preserve their strength!”

“If you think about this battle, it actually doesn’t have much to do with us. The big deal, we suffer a loss. No matter how hard it is to be bound by the covenant of the gods?”

“Also, in case we surrender and receive more favorable treatment, it is not impossible!”

The Medical King sighed and said: “I’ve heard about this. The Dominant Alliance is made up of warriors from the major forces. What they want is to divide Velador. If we join in, it will be the same!”

“If you want to surrender, Dominant League is definitely welcome. After all, we are also very strong!”

“What do you think of this King Doctor?”

Everyone on the scene looked at the Medical King.

After hesitating for a moment, the Medical King gritted his teeth and said: “Okay, then surrender and join the Dominant Alliance!”

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