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Chapter 983

Yuri also looked hopeful.

At that time, the old man, Lawrence’s father, Edgar Garrison, Levi’s nominal grandfather, said.

After seeing the God of War that day, he would accept him as a godson.

Anyway, they are all family names.

The status and status of the two parties match exactly.

“You said, you want this wild species to have one-tenth of the skills of the God of War! Is it necessary for the Garrison Family to kill him? Young Lord Lawrence and even the old man must personally invite him to return to the Garrison Family!”

Yuri sighed.

Helen smiled and said, “Mr. Yuri’s words are so bad, how can one compare a wild species with the God of War? There is no comparability between the two!”

“That’s true! The wild species is a thousand miles away from the God of War!”

Yuri glanced around and said, “You can imagine how to draw this mother and child out!”

Helen turned her eyes and said, “Mr. Yuri, I have a way!”


“Mr. Yuri, you ordered Norterjen Porter’s family in the name of the Garrison Clan in Capital to get them back to Ollie and restore Ollie’s status as Porter’s family member. In this way, she and Levi will definitely leave this place and go to Porter’s house. In this way, can’t we kill them there?”

Helen laughed.

After she finished speaking, Boss Yuri was satisfied: “Okay, just follow the method you said!”

“I will arrange for a group of masters to lie in wait. As soon as Levi arrives in Norterjen, I will immediately let him die without a place to bury him.”

That night, Mr. Yuri took people to Norterjen Porter’s house.

“Brandon, since Ollie is free, let’s restore her identity! This is the order of my Garrison Clan!”

Mr. Yuri gave the order directly.

Brandon didn’t think much.

Ollie could be picked up as soon as he heard, he was also very excited, and immediately agreed.

The next day.

Levi’s family is still the same as usual.

As if nothing happened.

But actually, there was a big earthquake last night…

Sarah and Ollie didn’t know.

“Sarah, you go to work first, I have something to do.”

Levi went to the theater compound first and asked about the situation last night.

In front of Erick Group Building.

Helen hid in the dark and kept watching.

She came to make sure that Levi was not dead.

Of course, it was because Helen didn’t tell her the news.

“Huh? Only Sarah is alone. Still, walking so panic? Levi is definitely dying!”

Helen almost laughed out loud.

Her most hated enemy is dead!

“Levi next, let’s see how I torture Sarah!”

Helen smiled.

She put on her sunglasses and came to Erick Group step by step.

“I’m looking for Sarah!”

When she came to Sarah’s office, Helen looked arrogant: “Oh? Ms. Logan is still thinking about going to work? Why don’t you cry?”

One sentence makes Sarah inexplicable.

What happened to Helen?

Is her brain abnormal?

Last night she said he would knock her head on Levi.

Today she said some more inexplicable things.

What’s wrong with her?


Sarah asked.

“I just came to see you. Your psychological endurance is much stronger than I thought. I thought you would fall.”

“Or you don’t love Levi and don’t care about him at all?”

Helen looked at Sarah’s okay appearance, she was also very curious.

It seems like something went wrong.

“I don’t care about him? I don’t love him?”

Sarah became more and more inexplicable.

What is she here for?

At this moment, the door in the office opened.

Levi came in.


Seeing Levi, Helen screamed.

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