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Chapter 1399

“No? Isn’t this available?”

Levi smiled.

Both the Western Heavenly King and the Northern Heavenly King laughed.

Mainly because the Avengers know that the word side by side is very powerful and powerful.

If the fake word appears side by side, the Avengers must verify the authenticity.

The standard of verification is strength.

If the strength is not enough, it must be false.

But they couldn’t find someone who could match Levi’s strength for a while.

Unexpectedly, there is a Tang Bei Dao here.

Although he is not as good as Levi, it is absolutely no problem to replace him.

After all, the first Lord of the Western Shu family.


Tang Beidao himself was shocked.

Want to make counterfeit the king?

“Yes, that’s right, it’s you!”

Levi said: “Let’s do it, I will make you the summer king of the Zhentiandian, which means the summer king, which has the same status as the four heavenly kings of east, west, north and south!”

“You can really play for Morendam!”

This made Tang Beidao excited.

I thought it was just doing small things with Levi.

Unexpectedly, there is still a title and such a high status.

“I am willing to dedicate everything to Morendam!”

Tang Beidao felt that he had returned to the era when he was invincible on the court.


“The first task-impersonating me.”

“I will give you all three Bass masks!”

Levi arranged.

After Tang Beidao received the task, he immediately rushed to the northern border.

In the name of the king of the word side by side, let the God of War Iron Brigade, the Shura Army, and the Great Wall Army work together.

Not only that, even the guards that Fan Shengnan arranged next to Levi were also removed.

This is more conducive to Levi’s plan.

There is no one around him, which can even attract the action of the Avengers.

In a base somewhere in the north.

Tang Beidao wears the Bass mask and holds the Bass sword, looking at the three big teams below with immense power!

According to Levi’s instructions, he has arranged it properly.

The next step is to practice together.

Tang Beidao retreated to the camp, Woodrow, Fan Shengnan and others all followed.

They were also extremely excited.

It is the first time to have such a close encounter with the word side by side king.

Fan Shengnan even wanted to see his true face.

“Dog thief, take your life!”

At this moment, there was a loud shout.

Suddenly there were five Lords around him, and they killed the king of the word side by side.

These five people are all above the level of a century-old Lord!

They are the Lords of the Avengers to test the word side by side.

After a fight, all five people were injured.

In the end, he didn’t escape from Tang Beidao’s hands.

All were captured alive, but there was poison in the population, and all of them bitten and committed suicide.

The faces under the mask were the same as before, so ruined that they couldn’t be seen at all.

Everyone was shocked again.

The word side by side king is so powerful!

The real him!

In the dark, some people were shocked and left immediately.

Somewhere in the river.

A group of masked people gathered together.

“I’m sure! The one who appears in the north is the king of the word side by side! The three signs are really not mentioned, and the strength is matched!”

One person told them the news from the north.

“Well, this time the king is not in Jiangbei side by side. This is a great opportunity for us to do it!”

“Fan Shengnan transferred all the guards around Levi in this round of training! This time Levi is alone and helpless, unless he can grow wings and escape!”

“It must be successful this time, Prince William is angry!”

Soon, a group of people approached Jiangbei quietly.

Chapter 1400

In the northern base.

Fan Shengnan talked to Woodrow: “Do you think it’s a bit wrong with the word side by side this time?”

Woodrow was surprised: “Do you have this feeling?”

Although the word side by side king looks the same, it faintly gives them a very strange feeling.

“I don’t know where the problem is, it always feels wrong!”

“Why don’t we go and take a look?”

Fan Shengnan has always been curious about the true face of the king.

Isn’t it true that Woodrow?

However, he showed a slight hesitation: “But we can’t break into the private realm of the king of the word side by side. Once discovered, we will face punishment.”

Fan Shengnan glared at him: “Okay, if you don’t go, I’ll go.”

“Next time there won’t be such a good opportunity!”

“Then I’ll go with you!”

Woodrow still couldn’t bear his curiosity.

Soon, the two quietly touched the private realm of the king.

The private realm is not guarded at all.

So the two easily approached the king’s residence side by side.

Through a gap, the two looked in.

At this moment, Tang Beidao happened to take off the Bass mask, revealing his true face.


Fan Shengnan and the two have clearly seen the true face of “One word side by side”.

Turned out to be a gentle middle-aged man.

They thought it was young people.


Tang Beidao found someone approaching and shouted angrily.



At the same time, two invisible air blasted out.

Flew Fan Shengnan away.

The two people vomited blood, but immediately fled.

Knowing that his true face was exposed, Tang Beidao immediately called Levi.

This is his mistake!

He was careless.

I thought it would be fine in the private sphere.

So I didn’t wear a mask.

“It’s okay! See if you see it! Anyway, they haven’t seen the true face of the king side by side.”

Levi said with a smile.

Fan Shengnan, who had escaped from the private sector, drained the blood, and immediately took the ancient medicine.

After recovery, the two looked at each other.

“Isn’t it a young man? Isn’t it rumored that the king is a young man?”

Fan Shengnan was surprised.

Woodrow shook his head: “I didn’t expect it! This should come from a hidden power? After all, Morendam Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon! There are even many confidential organizations that we don’t know about!”

Fan Shengnan patted his chest and let out a long sigh of relief: “Finally, my wish is fulfilled, and I know the true face of the king.”

“I am more convinced by him!”

Woodrow smiled.

If it were a young man, he would not accept it.

Being a middle-aged man, he is much more comfortable.

The two were also very proud.

They should be the first people who have seen one word side by side.

Levi has been waiting for the arrival of the enemy.

At night, late at night.

Levi’s ear wings flickered, and the sound was already heard.

They are coming…


A rustling voice sounded, and suddenly there were Lords wearing masks in the villa.

They came to the bedroom and surrounded Levi in groups.

“Levi, hand over the potion and spare your life!”

One person coldly shouted.

“What potion?”

“Are you talking about this?”

Levi asked while holding the box.


Everyone was taken aback for a moment, and then angrily shouted: “Yes! That’s it! Come, leave it to me, and spare you for not dying!”

“Here you are, I have been waiting for you for a long time!”

Levi took the initiative to pass the box over.

But these people are dumbfounded…

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