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Chapter 1401

This is completely different from what they expected.

So easy?

Not only did Levi not resist, but also took the initiative to give them the potion?


What did he mean by that just now?

Is he waiting for us?

this is…

Suddenly everyone’s pupils contracted, and their eyeballs were about to fly out.

Could it be…

Think of an extremely terrible possibility.

“Come, take it!”

Levi just squeezed the box into one person’s hand.

The man was completely dumbfounded.

There are also deliveries?

Levi’s next sentence immediately sounded: “If you get it, you won’t have the life to go out!”


A word made all the Lords cold and scared.

They expected Levi to stand up in the next moment.

Tell everyone-he is fine at all.

“It’s okay, scare you guys!”

Levi smiled.

“I hand over the medicine to you, just beg you to spare my life!”

Levi said seriously.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

I was scared to death just now.

“Hahaha, this is the former God of War in Morendam? I thought he was a man with iron blood? That’s it?”

“In order to survive, in order to linger, you actually gave out the potion that Morendam rewarded you?”

“It’s just a name! Morendam is a bunch of cowards! There is no good thing!”

“Levi is a waste! God of War is a joke!”

Hearing that Levi was taking the potion in exchange for his own life, everyone was amused and began to mock.

“I was going to kill you! But I won’t kill you this time!”

“The dignified God of War actually offered invaluable potions to survive. It’s so cool!”

“This matter spreads out, do I think Morendam still has the face?”

The Avengers are on the opposite side of Morendam.

The more such things happened in Morendam, the happier they were.

In particular, Levi was in a high position, but they were so lingering, they were even more refreshed.

“Levi, you plan to obediently give me the medicine in order to survive?”

One of them asked with a smile.

“I am willing! As long as you spare my life, I am willing to offer medicine!”

Levi nodded “humiliatingly”.


The group of people was laughing, and left with the potion.

Little did he know the arc of Levi’s mouth.

They were fooled.

This is Levi’s plan.

After doing so much, I just waited for these people to come and take the medicine.

During this period, he will never make a move.

There is no need to kill these people.

On the contrary, he will startle the snake and expose himself.

The Avengers will know his normal things right away.

That’s not worth the gain.

So take the initiative to give them the medicine.

Because following these people, following them all the time, to find out the real behind the scenes.

What they didn’t expect was that they were followed as soon as they left the villa.

At this time, the Northern Heavenly King walked in: “Hall Lord, everything is normal! Our people have already followed them!”

“This time I don’t ask to get them out, but there should be no problem catching a few big bosses.”

Levi smiled and said, “Okay, follow up! Don’t lose it, we just wait for the net to close!”

“As expected of you, the Lord of the Palace! Not only is the force superb, but the strategy is also terrible. It is unfortunate to be your opponent!”

The Northern Heavenly King smiled.

The group of people who had just left were in a good mood and headed for Jianghai triumphantly.

When people are proud, their vigilance will decrease a lot.

They didn’t know if they were followed, and they also had micro trackers installed on their bodies.

Every move was under Levi’s control.

Chapter 1402

Act this time.

Levi went out in person.

Following the tracker, they came all the way to Jianghai.

This group came to Jiang Hai’s secret base.

The leader in charge of this mission wore a black tiger mask.

“The mission was successful?”

Black Tiger couldn’t help asking.

“Yes, Lord Black Tiger, the mission was successful! This is a potion!”

The man passed the box.

“Where is Levi? Did you kill it?”

Black Tiger asked.

“Levi didn’t kill…Lord Black Tiger, listen to me…”

After listening to it, Heihu also looked excited.

“Really? The dignified God of War is willing to offer medicine for a dog’s life? Hahaha…”

“Yes, because he did this, we didn’t kill him!”

“Lord Black Tiger, don’t you know? Levi not only offered the potion, but also told me the password of the box. He is really afraid of death!”

Heihu smiled and said: “Okay, you guys will spread this out as soon as possible! I want Morendam to see that the supreme God of War of God of War will betray his dignity for the sake of his life!

“Okay, understand!”

“In addition, we quickly send the medicine to the headquarters! The leader and Prince William have been waiting!”

Black Tiger ordered.

Soon, the group set off and left Jianghai.

At this moment, Levi was by their side, but he didn’t do anything.

Upon hearing the headquarters, he felt that he could continue digging.

Just after dawn, news came out.

In order to survive, the former Morendam God of War war god Levi did not hesitate to give away the potions rewarded by Morendam.

The “Medal” awarded by Morendam to the important ministers of the country is a condition of living.

This is the sorrow of Morendam and the sorrow of the people.

It is also a shame for Morendam!

God of War is no longer bloody, what about the other Morendam soldiers?

As soon as the news came out, it caused widespread heated discussion.

Pushing Levi to the forefront again.

“Levi turned out to be such a shameless rat! This is abandoning Morendam!”

“Human dignity is the most important thing, not to mention that he is still the god of war in God of War! I would rather stand to die than kneel to live!”

“For his life, to offer such a supreme reward to the culprit? I really look down on him!”

“Levi is surrendering to the culprits. This is Da Xia’s shame!”

In an instant, scolding arose everywhere.

No one spoke for Levi.

It’s all scolding him, criticizing him.

This is an act of betraying his country and seeking glory.

If this medicine flows abroad, the impact will be too great.

At this moment, Levi became a shame to Morendam!

Some people take the rhythm to establish Levi as a contemporary traitor!

Levi has reached the point where it is beyond the reach.

It is estimated that if passers-by meet, they may be drowned by the spit star.

It’s more terrifying than a street mouse.

Successfully destroyed a positive image and damaged Morendam’s reputation.

Overseas began to cheer.

Have applauded.

Many countries or forces have issued statements-they are willing to accept Levi, he is an overseas friend.

This is equivalent to setting Levi’s name as a traitor to death.

I can’t wash it clean.

Levi just smiled after hearing the news.

The Avengers and the Eagle Nation are really the same.

Just love this despicable means!

“I didn’t expect Levi to seek glory from the seller! He actually has other potions!”

“I am ashamed of being a Morendam with him!”

“It’s really unfortunate for the family to have such a scum!”

After hearing this, the Logan and Mann families began to insult Levi one after another.

Everyone thinks he still has medicine.

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