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Chapter 1614

In the eyes of Levi.

These disciples of Worenden are just kiddies.

Dare to hit Sarah’s idea?

court death!

In his eyes, Worenden could level off at any time.

Not to mention these little kids.

Everyone was stunned by Levi’s words.

Sarah and Regina were both taken aback.

Levi’s character is too hot.

It can cause trouble everywhere.

But here is Worenden.

Everyone is a warrior who flies away from the sky.

k!lling is invisible.

What are you doing as an ordinary person to provoke others?


“On the site of Worenden, did we let an ordinary person provoke?”

Several people came to Levi step by step.

“Come on, aren’t you going to slap my mouth? Come on!”

The person who just mocked, facing Levi.

“Levi must hold back! This is Worenden!”

Sarah and Regina reminded.

“I just said, what’s the matter? Your wife and you are a waste! Your kind of waste is not good for her! She should have left with you and find someone else!”

The man continued to speak.


Suddenly, the next moment, Levi lifted his hand on the man’s face.

The voice was crisp and resounded throughout the audience.

Hundreds of people around were stunned.

No one thought that Levi would make a move.

They never thought that an ordinary person would have such power…

“What? Do you dare to hit me? You are looking for death!”

Only then did Garen Wright, the one who was beaten, reacted, and he was about to act on Levi.


But at this moment, a crisp child voice came.

Seeing Aubrey a few jumps, she appeared in front of Levi and threw herself in Levi’s arms.

Immediately, the surroundings were quiet.

Garen abruptly retracted the move he had stretched out, and looked at it stupidly.

Levi is not afraid of him.

Sarah is not afraid of the two.

But this kid alone.

He is scared!

In other words, the whole Worenden is afraid!

She is the little charm of Worenden.

All the seniors pamper her.

He was afraid of turning it in his mouth, and he was afraid of losing it when he held her in hand.

Everything depends on her.

If you beat or k!ll her father.

That is the sky is falling.

Garen clenched his fists and stared at Levi with red eyes.

“I took this punch, I will have a chance!”

Garen looked at Levi.

“Don’t, just report it on the spot!”

Levi sneered.

Garen Wright wanted revenge, but he glanced at Aubrey and held back.

“But you really shame a man!”

“At this age, you have to rely on the protection of a daughter who is a few years old! If I hit you to death, forget it!”

There was such a voice around.

In this world where the strong are respected.

Everyone looks down on the soft fan man the most.

Especially Levi not only eats his wife’s soft rice, but also his daughter’s soft rice.

Rely on the daughter to spend a lifetime.

This is what they hate most!

This is how a man has the least dignity…

“You are not allowed to say that about Dad, what happened to my mom and me protecting him?”

Aubrey’s milk stared at her fiercely.

“I’m so ridiculous! Rely on a child to protect you! If you are a little self-aware, don’t come out and hang around!”

“Yeah, it’s better to just hit the head to death!”

“Don’t say men can’t watch it, I can’t watch it even as a woman!”

Faced with such a scene, everyone couldn’t help but make a similar mockery.

“Shut up all! Go back all of you!”

At this moment, suddenly there was a thunderous sound from the sky.

“City Lord!!!”

“It’s the city lord who has appeared!”

This group of people ran away like a mouse seeing a cat.

Aubrey said excitedly: “Dad, it is the Lord who is here. I will take you to see the Lord!”

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