His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2102

Read Chapter 2102 of the novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Translated Version, Tang Jing Character) free.

Chapter 2102

A group of male classmates were talking badly about themselves. They didn’t expect a Christian to appear, with an indifferent expression, and frowned slightly and walked forward and said, “What are you talking about?”

When talking about gossip just now, the male classmate who mentioned Christian suddenly changed his expression and stammered, “Senior Tang…”

Christian raised his eyebrows, seemingly mocking. He just glanced at the man and found that The overwhelming oppression came, as if he was the young emperor of a certain dynasty. The mountains and rivers changed rapidly when he raised his eyes, “What did you talk about so vigorously? Huh? I am more experienced than you?”

He repeated what they had said. At a young age, they can utter the terms of gender, but they can only say that they have not taken physiology classes correctly, nor have they realized that this should be popularized, and should not be something that is deliberately demonized when it feels new and exciting—because Everyone will experience these in their lives. The purpose of learning physiological knowledge is to protect oneself and future partners, not to spy on others’ privacy.

When asked in this way, the male classmate turned pale, “We…we just talk about…”

“I heard that there are many boyfriends…” The man scratched his face, trying to excuse himself, “Mainly We just don’t agree with her chaotic behavior in her private life, haha, we all say that she doesn’t know where to go for a fool

every night.

Christian stepped forward, his eyes pressed like sharp blades, “Oh? Who did you hear from?”

“The senior Ren Qiu we asked before…” the male student stammered, “Senior Ren Qiu It is said that she lives with boys, but it is not convenient to say…”

Ren Qiu.

Christian flashed Ren Qiu’s gentle face in his mind, sneered in his heart, it turned out that you are the one with the human face and the beast’s heart.

“Ren Qiu didn’t lead you to think about that.” Christian stepped forward and grabbed the collar of the male student. “And you spread rumors behind your back and attacked a female student like this. I feel embarrassed for you.” When Christian said that, several male classmates turned red and white, as if they realized that they were wrong. After all, Marriah Yan did not do anything to harm them, but they were behind them. Keep attacking.

“Don’t let me hear you say this again in the future.” Christian’s voice seemed to be quenched, able to cut their faces and hit their vain self-esteem. “Every day I don’t want to learn and respect others. The novel is still vigorous. If you have the level of ill-speaking, how can you still be unable to write words? I really should study with you.”

The male classmate was given a lesson and became a little frustrated. “Senior Tang is just because he heard It’s about you. I’m afraid that I’m going to stand up and say it! Everyone says that, you have the ability to tell everyone!”

“What do you mean is that as long as the behavior is done by most people, it’s right? “

Christian’s face was serious, with questioning in his eyes, “Please have the ability to think independently, learn to think and not be trapped. In addition, there is no correctness of rumors and rumors themselves. If there are many people, it seems that you are righteous.” The straight words made the male classmate ashamed, and Christian smashed two words after speaking, which was embarrassing.

He turned and left, leaving a few male classmates ashamed.

As a result, Marriah Yan received a note that night. It was written to her by a male student in the class. There was an apology on the side and a row of small prints. In fact, I think you are really cute. I’m sorry after hearing other rumors. Can you come to the playground at the end of the evening self-study? I’ll take you back.


Marriah Yan raised his head and glanced at the direction the ball of paper was smashing, and found that it was a male student in the back row of the class who was watching her eyes carefully, as if waiting for her forgiveness and consent.

The thin face flushed with a brush!

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