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Chapter 1693

“Okay! Surrender is the wisest choice!!!”

Almost all the supreme-level powerhouses present cheered and exclaimed.

The Medical King glanced at everyone and said: “Surrender, no, whether to join the Dominant Alliance or not, it is up to everyone to vote!”

“I agree to join the Domination League!”

“I also agree to join the Domination League!”

Soon, dozens of senior officials expressed their opinions.

Almost everyone agreed to surrender.

“I don’t surrender! There is no word for surrender in my dictionary!”

“Yes, it’s too shameful to join the enemy army, I can’t do this, Wayne Sims!”

“Yes, no matter what, I, Wayne Sims, can’t betray Velador and my ancestors!”

But there was still a different voice.

There are still warriors who understand the righteousness and love Velador.

Although there are only a few digits, there are always some.

“Wayne, you are crazy! If you don’t join the Dominant Alliance, you will die! Everyone will die!”

“Is it worth working hard for ordinary people?”

Several people scolded immediately.

Everyone looked at a few people as if they were looking at a fool.

Wayne smiled and said, “I don’t know if it’s worth it! But there is blood flowing in my body! I am all loyal in my bones! I will not betray my ancestors!”

“Yes! As long as we are alive, we won’t give up the land under our feet!”

The tough statements of several people got the support of their men.

But in Marty Bates’s eyes, such behavior is very stupid and brain-dead.

“What age are you still talking about betraying your ancestors!”

“Anyone who knows the current affairs is brilliant! You have to die if you don’t know what to do, and we can’t help it!”

“Let’s join the Dominant Alliance, you just wait to die!”

The medical king family and other forces decided to abandon Wayne and them to join the Dominant Alliance.

The Medical King even ordered: “Marty, take a few people to discuss with the Dominant Alliance to show our sincerity!”

“Okay, Grandpa, I promise to complete the task!”

Marty Bates was already overjoyed.

They are finally out of danger.

“Things that betrayed the ancestors, you must die!”

“Traitor, a group of traitors! You are not worthy of being Velador people!”

Wayne shouted angrily.

Marty Bates smiled and said, “You are just stubborn. When death comes, will you still be stiff?”

“Shameless, traitor!”

“The ancestors will be ashamed!”

Several people roared.

“Good scolding!”

“How can you be traitors? How can you betray your ancestors?”

A cold female voice sounded.

Rovena came to the court.

She just heard that Marty Bates and the others were about to surrender, but she still didn’t believe it.

The family of medical kings was Dragon King.

Even Marty Bates is a protector of the country.

How can you surrender?

After coming here, she was disappointed.

Is this the person she is going to marry?

“Rovena, what is betrayal? This is what is known as the wise man! What is surrender? We are only negotiating to join the cooperation. We are just preserving our strength!”

“Originally, this matter had nothing to do with us! Look at how many ancient forces there are in Velador to protect? To put it bluntly, it doesn’t matter! We can fight, and we are all benevolent! Those ordinary people who love to protect who will go!”

“Not only do we join the Dominant Alliance, you also have to join!”

Marty Bates said.

Rovena immediately shook her head: “No, I won’t surrender with you!”

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