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Chapter 1843

But Levi knew it too late.

After all, it takes a certain amount of time from leaving Tiandang Mountain to meeting the three poisonous evil gods.

What’s more, the Shenlong Science and Technology Base is in the north.

Tiandang Mountain is in the south.

As early as a few hours ago.

Wood Zhengjie’s experimental deployment has been completed.

But when he came back to the place of detention, Wen Lei and Sarah had a premonition that they were going to finish.

“Wood Zhengjie, please stop your crazy behavior! Otherwise you will not end well!”

Wen Lei shouted.

Wood Zhengjie smiled and said, “You can’t hide from Sarah! Don’t worry, after the experiment, you will be mine alone!”

In Wen Lei’s yelling, Wood Zhengjie abruptly dragged Sarah away.

“By the way, bring her with you too!”

Before leaving, Wood Zhengjie glared at Wen Lei again.

In laboratory one.

Everything is ready for the experiment, just waiting for the plum to be dyed.

“Don’t worry, just get up to sleep!”

Wood Zhengjie gave Sarah an injection, and she fell asleep instantly.

Finally, the whole person was put into a device similar to a dormant cabin.

Subsequently, Wood Zhengjie lay in another dormant cabin device.

The experiment he is going to do today is to implant his own consciousness and thoughts into Sarah’s brain.

In order to completely control her.

Turn plum dye into his puppet.

From now on, I will only listen to him.

As for Levi, Jun Jun and others, none of them knew him.

This is the madness of Wood Zhengjie!

“Do not!!!”

After understanding what kind of experiment this was, Wen Lei went crazy.

She wanted to stop, but she was helpless.

She also saw Wood Zhengjie in the dormant cabin beckoning to her, as if saying-don’t worry, you are the next one.

Soon, the experiment started slowly.

There are hundreds of thin pipes on the two devices with electric waves flashing in them.

Obviously, there are lines of electricity flowing into Sarah in Wood Zhengjie’s device.

Within half an hour, Wood Zhengjie’s consciousness and thoughts could be implanted in Sarah’s brain.

Then it can be completely controlled.

In addition, Wood Zhengjie is a pure energy body, and the success rate of this experiment has greatly increased, almost 100%.

Time passed by every minute and every second.

ten minutes.

twenty minutes.

Twenty-nine minutes.

There is only one minute left until the experiment is successful.

Wen Lei was suddenly crazy at this time!

do my best!

Let it die together!

No one wants to go out alive!

Wen Lei suddenly ran to the other side of the laboratory, where was the super-energy particle collider.

There are currently four super-energy particles left in the particle collider!

When Wood Zhengjie used experiments to transform his physique, he only used two of them.

At this moment, Wen Lei’s idea is very simple. Start the collider and let four super-energy particles collide.

The energy generated was enough to destroy everything, including Wood Zhengjie, also had to be crushed.

“Stop her! Stop her!”

Wood Zhengjie’s men reacted, but it was already too late.

To blame, Wood Zhengjietoda brought Wen Lei to the laboratory without being tied up.

Wen Lei was familiar with everything in the laboratory, immediately activated the particle collider, and directly turned on the instrument that converges energy after the collision.




Wood Zhengjie’s experiment has come to an end.





But when the experiment was successfully separated by one second, the collision of the four super-energy particles was completed.

The super energy burst out completely!

The energy in Wood Zhengjie’s body modification experiment was dozens of times stronger than in the last time.

After all, it is not a change of four divided by two.

But the four particles will collide with each other, and the energy will be greatly increased.

Suddenly, Wood Zhengjie’s experiment was interrupted.

The dormant chamber device he and Sarah were in burst instantly.

What’s more frightening is that everything in the entire laboratory was destroyed.

Even the highest level of defensive strength of Laboratory One did not block the energy bombardment…

Chapter 1844



Laboratory No. 1 began to fall apart, and even the high-density armor inside and outside was shattered!

As for Wood Zhengjie’s subordinates who were carrying out the experiment, they disappeared directly under the bombardment of such violent energy…

Nothing left!

When the explosion came, the entire Shenlong Technology Base automatically activated its defense system.

In every laboratory and every building, high-density defense armor is activated, covering the surface, protecting the entire Shenlong science and technology base.

The Shenlong Science and Technology Base is a top-notch science and technology base in Morendam, and its defense level is definitely the highest.

But under the bombardment of this energy, the inner and outer double-layer high-density armor of Lab One also burst.


Terrible energy exploded throughout the base.




Even if the major laboratories and buildings are covered by high-density armor, they are far away from the first laboratory where the explosion occurred.

But under the bombardment of this terrifying energy, the armor burst to pieces, and it couldn’t stop it at all.



Buildings collapsed one by one, and the entire Shenlong Technology Base was razed to the ground in an instant.

The Shenlong Science and Technology Base is actually very large, comparable to a small county!

But under the bombardment of this energy, nothing exists.

Fortunately, the experimenters in other major laboratories or buildings start the self-rescue program when danger occurs.

In fact, there is no cave in the underground of the entire base, it is another base.

When the danger occurred, the floor inside the building suddenly opened, and everyone fell into the underground base.

Only then can I save my life!

Otherwise, under this kind of energy bombardment, the human body is the most vulnerable!

Even the energy even affected the underground base, most of the instruments failed, and almost all the ground base collapsed.

Fortunately, those who built a defense system thought of this, to avoid the damage to the underground base when this kind of disaster occurred, and deliberately set up a defense system to block it.

Otherwise the underground base will all be destroyed.

All the survivors regretted that they were about to cry.

Why didn’t they listen to Levi’s words?

Why not let him kill Wood Zhengjie?

They have to withstand all the pressure to get Wood Zhengjie back?

Are they brain disabled?

People have long said that Wood Zhengjie is a curse!

They just don’t believe it!

I believe it now!

How big is Wood Zhengjie’s threat?

The entire Shenlong base was destroyed!

Almost everyone died!

You know, the Shenlong Science and Technology Base took fifty years to build, and it was instantly razed to the ground.

The loss is too great!

Is Wood Zhengjie the culprit?

Do not!

It’s them!

It is the group of people from Shenlong Science and Technology Base!

They raised the devil, and they handed the butcher knife to the devil!

They destroyed the Shenlong base with their own hands!

No wonder others!

Regret is no longer any use at this time!

Although the Shenlong Science and Technology Base is in the deep mountains, the power of this super-energy particle collision is too great.

Various detection agencies were alarmed and quickly locked the place of the incident.

“It’s terrible! What’s wrong with the Shenlong Science and Technology Base? Fortunately, there is no one in the radius of thousands of miles, otherwise it will be miserable!”

The news quickly spread to Colin.

A special rescue team was formed immediately and went to the Shenlong Science and Technology Base immediately.

“My God, what is going on here???”

Seeing the Shenlong base turned into a ruin with a telescope, everyone couldn’t help but exclaim.

They knew the defense strength of the Shenlong base.

What level of bombing would it take to razed this place to the ground?


This kind of power is definitely not something that a warrior can play!

“Hurry up!”

The rescue team accelerated to the Shenlong base.

When it comes to the scene, it is even more shocking!

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