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Chapter 1845

The rescue team looked at the ruins in front of them, their legs trembling with fright.

too frightening!

Never seen such a miserable scene!

Not only was the base razed to the ground, it was almost destroyed.

No ruins were left.

Before the powerful energy, any matter was dissolved and disappeared…

Not only that, but there is residual energy that covers the entire base, which cannot be dissipated for a long time.

Although the current energy is very weak, it is not something ordinary people can challenge.

If it enters the energy field, it will be minced on the spot.

“No, the energy fluctuates too much ahead! This energy is not something our body can bear! Don’t enter it rashly!”

“Request support! Request support!”

The rescue team quickly asked for support!

If these energies are not dissipated, they will not be able to launch rescue.

At this time, Levi rushed to the Shenlong Technology Base.

In fact, at the moment of the energy bombardment, Levi felt it from a distance!

His face changed drastically at that time!

Because that energy is so terrible, terrible!

Even Levi sighed!

If he was bombarded by the energy just now, he would either die or be injured.

What a terrible energy bombardment!

According to the direction, it seems to be the Shenlong Technology Base.

Levi quickly speeded up!

He prayed silently that there would be no accident! Don’t have an accident!

If something happens, he will not be able to forgive himself!

When Levi came to the Shenlong Technology Base, he was frightened by the scene before him.

How could this be?

too frightening!

The entire base was destroyed!


Levi rushed into the base.

The remaining terrifying energy began to strangle Levi.


Levi roared wildly and blasted all the energy away!

He rushed into the ruins to find someone!

The rescue team behind him was also shocked by Levi’s crazy behavior.

But seeing that the energy was blown away by Levi abruptly.

They immediately began to rescue!

A rescue team of thousands of people rushed into the base immediately to start rescue.

Levi digs the ruins with his bare hands crazy!

Just digging a place is disappointed.

Disappointed by digging a place!

Not to mention that the plum was dyed, but there is no sign of life.

In front of this kind of energy, let alone a living person, there will be no trace of blood left behind.

You can understand this terrible burst of energy as a super high temperature, enough to evaporate everything.

So even if Levi digs three feet into the ground, he couldn’t find a living one.

After the rescue team joined, they excavated the ruins with Levi.

Attempt to find survivors!

Time passed by every minute and every second.

Almost a fifth here.

No one was found!

“It’s terrible! Under this level of bombing, even the highest density armor can be shattered. How can a person live?”

“Yes, I have never seen an accident of this level! No one can be alive!”

Where are the rescue team members discussing.

After Levi heard it, he was furious.

“Impossible! Someone must be alive! Impossible to all die! Impossible!!!”

Everyone was taken aback by Levi, who had shaken the sky.

Immediately dodge aside.

Don’t dare to speak any more.

Say a few more words, Levi can kill them!

“Looking for it! Keep looking for it for me!”

Levi roared.

He searches with the rescue team!

Shenlong base is too big!

Only half of the search took an hour.

The result was desperate.

There are no signs of life.

Levi didn’t see any clues about Sarah either!


He was sweating anxiously, and his body was trembling.

His face was pale, and his eyes were about to fly out.

If something happens.

He couldn’t imagine what it would be like!


Keep looking!

At this moment, a message came from the rescue team: “Something has been discovered, something has been discovered!”

Levi rushed up when he heard the news.

Chapter 1846

It turned out that the underground base was discovered!

“Sarah may be hiding in the underground base!”

Hope arose in Levi’s eyes.

Even if the defense system of the underground base was strengthened and strengthened without damage, it was also damaged to a great extent.

Although all the people inside survived, they all suffered injuries to varying degrees.

As the underground base opened, the survivors inside were rescued one by one.

Levi was pleasantly surprised and waited at the entrance of the base.

But the more survivors were rescued, the more panic Levi felt!

No trace of Sarah has been seen!

“The last one!”

When the last person was rescued, Levi was dumbfounded.

Obviously it’s not plum dye!

“Impossible! There are still people in there, right?”

Levi didn’t believe it.

“No, this is the last one!”

The rescue team carried the last person onto a stretcher.

“I do not believe!”

Levi entered the underground base and searched around.

After looking around, no one was seen again.

Sarah is not here!

Wood Zhengjie is not here!

Wen Lei and the others are not here either!

He quickly came to the rescue team vehicle and began to ask the survivors what was going on.

“Don’t look for it! They are all gone! No one is alive!”

The survivors said.


Levi’s brain throbbed.

He cannot accept this fact!

“The demon Wood Zhengjie transformed his physique through experiments! Then he wants to experiment with Sarah! He wants to control Sarah forever! To stop everything, Miss Wen Lei activated the particle collider…”

“These are what we saw through real-time images with our own eyes! Miss Wen Lei chose to die together! Only in this way can disasters happen!”

The survivors told Levi what happened.

Levi was frightened.

“Wen Lei chose to die together?”

He asked tremblingly.

“Of course, the energy from the collision of this particle has even destroyed the Shenlong base. How can a few people be able to stop it?”

“They are absolutely nothing! There is no scum left!”

Several survivors said.

“She’s dead? She’s dead?”

Levi seemed to be crazy, and kept talking to himself.

“You all killed her! You are the culprit! Why are you the ones who are alive?”

Suddenly Levi questioned these survivors like a beast.

They just wanted to refute.

It happened for no reason!

Strictly speaking, they are the real culprits.

If it weren’t for them, there would be no such thing.

Fifty years of hard work will not be wasted.

So many people will not sacrifice!

Seeing the murderous Levi, everyone was scared.

This is the evil spirit demon!

In his anger, it was normal to kill everyone.

“Please calm down! Please calm down!”

The rescue team persuaded.

But Levi still stared at everyone.

He has moved murderously.

If the plum is dyed to death.

This group of people should be buried!

And those in Tiance Mansion are damned!

Why did you hand over the plum dye?

Seeing that Levi was about to kill.

One member of the rescue team immediately said: “Not necessarily! People may still be alive! We only searched halfway! We continue to search! There is hope!”

This sentence reminded Levi.

He restrained his murderous spirit and immediately continued to search and dig.

“Yes! Sarah is not dead! She won’t die!”

Levi murmured, and continued searching with the rest of the rescue team.

Time has been passing by.

Levi and everyone did not let go of every corner.

But the result is chilling.

Nothing was found.

Finally, after another hour, only the area of ​​Laboratory One was left unsearched.

“The previous experiment was done here! Most likely here!”

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