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Chapter 1847

Levi was dripping with sweat.

It stands to reason that his level of strength is impossible to sweat.

But because I was nervous about plum dyeing, I sweated.

Lab One is his last hope!

Looking at the ruins, Levi felt desperate in his heart.

He himself knew that there was little hope.

If you really can’t find anyone…

He can’t imagine the consequences!

Maybe he will go crazy!

Especially there are not many ruins in Laboratory One.

As the center of the explosion.

Almost everything is destroyed.

There are not many things left!

As the rescue team began to search, Levi’s heart remained hanging.

Please do not!

Please do not!

He prayed silently!

The excavation began, and the ruins of Laboratory One were dug up little by little.

Levi used his hand instead of the machine to dig in the forefront.

The more you dig, the cooler Levi’s heart becomes.

There are no signs of life!

He can’t feel it!


Levi’s figure was shaky.

It seems to fall down at any time.

Ten minutes passed.

All the ruins of Laboratory One have been excavated!


No one!

Not Wood Zhengjie, not Wen Lei, not even Sarah!

Lab One is like hell, no one survives!

“Lab No. 1 is the central point, how could anyone survive?”

Someone said subconsciously.

After speaking, he regretted it.

Because he was stared at by a pair of blood eyes.


He was so frightened that his legs became weak and he fell directly to his knees!

“I, I, I…”

At this moment, he felt the coming of death.


A wild roar, as if to pierce the sky.



Everyone vomited blood on the spot and all passed out.

At this moment, Levi was really crazy.

Plum dye is really, really gone!

He is very reluctant to admit this fact!

But he knew it!

The energy just now, let alone plum dyed it, even he can’t stop it!

The terrible energy just now can make any object disappear in an instant…

Not surprisingly, it was Sarah, Wood Zhengjie and them all disappeared without exception.

They are gone!

Sarah is gone!

Levi screams up to the sky!!!

The thunder is surging, and the sky seems to be angry!

Levi’s anger is enough to change the color of the world!




Levi hit the ground with a punch!

The earth began to shake vigorously, just like a big earthquake!

Everyone was shaken!

“Presumptuous! Levi is not your place to go wild!”

A cold shout came, Colin and the people from Tiance Mansion came.

After the rescue team reflected on the situation here, they sent someone to check.

When I arrived at the base, I just happened to see Levi in the wild.

The Lord of Tiance Mansion immediately stopped Levi.

“Hurry up!”

Levi said without looking up.

“Let’s get out? Levi, are you crazy? What a joke! Stop everything! Otherwise, don’t blame us for being rude!”

The Lord of Tiance Mansion stared at Levi.

Levi stood up slowly, his beast-like eyes swept across.

Everyone of the Lords of Tiance Mansion had a bad premonition in their hearts!







Levi directly slapped his hands and took out a few slaps. The terrifying power was overwhelming and could not be resisted.

Hundreds of Lords in Tiance Mansion were beaten into flight, everyone was bloody and bloody…

Levi hasn’t lost his reason completely yet, leaving a hand, otherwise all these people will have to die!

Frightened silly!

Everyone was scared silly!

Is this the descendant of Cthulhu?

too frightening!

“Levi is really a demon!”

Everyone in Colin was also frightened.

They can feel Levi’s anger, he is the devil now!

Chapter 1848

Everyone feels an unprecedented oppression!

That is the oppression from the gods above the nine heavens!

Can evoke the fear in people’s hearts!

Seeing Levi, everyone shivered, and automatically stepped aside to let him pass.

This is the power of the devil!

For the first time, Colin began to suspect Levi.

They didn’t believe that Levi would be a descendant of the Heretic God, or a great demon.

But everything they saw today made them suspicious!

What Levi is showing now is not a big demon?

In the end what happened?

Let Levi become like this?

What they faced just now was not a person, like a beast!

Bloodthirsty and ruthless demon!

They were just scared.

In fact, Levi’s reason is still there, otherwise it is not just hurting people, but no one has killed!

Tiance Mansion spread the news immediately.

The descendants of Cthulhu are rampant!

Indiscriminately killing innocents, destroying the Shenlong base, causing countless casualties!

Hundreds of Lords in Tiance Mansion were all injured!

He has become the biggest threat to Morendam!

Levi left the base in despair.

“No, I believe that Sarah is alive! Before I saw the body, I didn’t believe she was not there!”

Levi muttered to himself.

He walked away from the Shenlong base, his brain was blank.

The feet are flirty, as if they are about to fall down at any time.

He is unconscious now, he doesn’t know where to go…

The whole person is not possessed by the soul!

Soon, news of the battle of Tiandang Mountain spread throughout the world!

Morendam and the whole world were shocked!

Levi’s unmatched combat power shocked the world!

The strong in the sky list and the tens of thousands of strong cannot stop Levi at all.

In the battle of Tiandang Mountain, Levi swept everything by himself!

The invincible posture is emerging!

The army of Tiance Mansion failed to stop him!

Just one person!

Who can stop him?

He is no longer a descendant of Cthulhu!

He is the deity of Fire Cloud Cthulhu coming back to Great Summer!

At the same time, Tianji Pavilion also updated the ranking of the Big Summer Ranking.

All Morendam is shocked!

In the past, the summer rankings were very stable.

It may only be updated every few decades.

But now it is updated every few days!

It’s so exciting!

The ranking has been updated-

Levi soared directly from sixth to second, ahead of Common Killer and Kyushu Xuanzun!

Except for the legendary Northern Emperor, Levi is the strongest.

According to Tianji Pavilion’s assessment of Garrison Frank’s imminent danger, it has reached level 8.

It’s almost ninth level from the highest level of the Fire Cloud Cthulhu!

So he was directly ranked second in the sky list!

Ranked in front of the common killer who suppressed an era!

In the strength evaluation of Tianji Pavilion, Levi’s strength may be slightly weaker than Common Killing God, but the danger and growth potential are huge.

Therefore, it is ranked before the commoner to kill the gods!

The most terrifying point is that the key is that Levi is still young. If he grows for another ten years, who can stop him?

At that time, I was afraid that Huoyun Cthulhu had the strength of 80 to 90%.

That would really be a disaster!

Back to the era of Cthulhu!

After the evil spirits learned about the situation of the Tiandang Mountain battle, they all cheered.

They didn’t follow the wrong person!

As long as you follow Levi, you will return to the Evil God era!

In addition, Levi arranged the affairs of the four evil gods.

They also succeeded.

Staring at the East Island forces successfully!

Although these people fled one by one after the plan failed, everyone was being watched.

The major evil gods and their forces are waiting for Levi to return to take the helm!

From then on, they don’t have to hide in the dark corners, they can go in and out of every place openly!

However, at this moment, Levi was confused, walking aimlessly, he didn’t know what to do…

The soul and consciousness seemed to be taken away.

The whole person is like a walking dead!

Only plum dyed the name in his mind.

So, is Sarah alive or dead?

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