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Chapter 1898


The Common k!ller suddenly foamed at the mouth and twitched all over his body. The whole person fell to the ground and rolled, in pain.

What’s more terrifying is that blood stains began to appear on his body, as if it was about to tear his body apart.

Levi was shocked by this scene.

What’s going on here?

At that moment, he indeed wounded him

But most of the power was used to smash the heavens of the Excalibur Blade.

How could he be like this?

“Could it be…”

Levi’s complexion changed drastically.

An idea popped up in his mind!


Common Killer god is poisoned!

The sword is poisonous!

He immediately judged it!

He was just about to tell the truth, but he was one step ahead of him.

“Poisoned! The teacher is poisoned!”

“Levi poisoned the teacher! Levi, you have to die!”

Several students of Common k!lling God shouted immediately.

“Levi is despicable and shameless! He used such a despicable means of poisoning!”

“Levi, you won, but it is not honorable to win!”

“No, Levi was originally defeated, so he won with this extreme method!”

“Let me just say, the Excalibur Blade cannot be broken! Levi must have used the means!”

Levi didn’t have time to say it, so he was put to a conclusion.

It was his poison!

All point to him!

Seeing the unanimous voice of the audience, Elon’s mouth showed a triumphant smile.

The poison was given by him!

It was the forces of the East Island who arranged his task to poison Commoner.

Yesterday, the Common Killer god brought the sword of the sky, Elon took the initiative to observe.

He was poisoned at that time!

It is invisible and colorless, not even noticeable.

This kind of poison will not happen immediately when touched.

It happens only after the movement.

And the stronger the strength, the more this kind of poison can be stimulated.

So when the Common k!ller touched the sky of the Excalibur Blade in front of him, nothing happened and it wouldn’t affect it at all.

But now something happened.

But as long as you don’t work, it’s okay!

For example, the students who have been holding the magic sword to the sky for Common k!ller will be fine.

Because he had no luck, the poison would naturally not occur.

So far there is nothing strange.

The seven evil gods immediately stood up and argued: “Impossible! My Lord is powerful, how can he poison him? He doesn’t need it at all! I think some people put the poison in advance, right?”

Sure enough, someone was worried about what was coming.

They expected the Sword Cthulrun to be correct.

The major forces are still waiting!

Elon immediately shouted: “Poisoning in advance? It’s ridiculous!”

“The teacher is so strong, who can poison him?”

The Sword evil god sneered: “Someone must have moved their hands and feet on the sword! I think the poison is on the sword!”

“Yes, someone must have moved their hands and feet on the sword in advance!”

Others also said.


“This sword has only been touched by the teacher and Senior Wayne Bates! It has always been under the care of the senior! He is the teacher’s most proud disciple, and it is impossible to attack the teacher!”

“Also, if someone is poisoning the sword, why didn’t Senior Wayne Bates have any trouble? What happened to the teacher? How could this be possible?”

“This must be the poison coming from Levi’s presence!”

Elon said affirmatively.

He took advantage of the fact that the poison had only luck. After throwing out the evidence, the audience was speechless.

Even the seven evil gods don’t know how to refute.

The defeated warrior is in front, but nothing happened.

This happened after the battle with Levi.

Levi seemed to be the only one who could be poisoned.

“As far as I know! The poisonous power of the poisonous evil god among the seven evil gods is superb. It must be the poisonous poison he provided to hurt the teacher?”

Elon continued to throw out the evidence.

“Yes, ordinary poison can’t hurt the Common K!ller god, but the poison of the evil gods can!”

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