His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2121

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Chapter 2121

Sakura Kurosawa’s father has always been arbitrarily determined. The whole family follows his instructions. When will there be times when the junior is kicked on the nose like this?

He refused to give way, Sakura Kurosawa yelled vigorously, “Get out of here!”

Sakurahara’s father also shouted back, “Dreaming! You have not become the young master yet, they won’t listen to you!”

Sakurahara Heize’s eyes were red with blood, “I’m going to send Luo Youyou to the hospital, you stop me and try!”

Luo Youyou feels her body is getting cold, because of the excessive blood loss, she has a sense of nothingness. Seeing things black, she opens up quickly. I stopped opening my eyes, “Kurosawa, I…I can’t hold it anymore, my stomach hurts…”

Sakura Kurosawa turned to look at Luo Youyou, her forehead was covered in cold sweat, which should have been a cute little round face. At this moment, the facial features are all screwed together, and I don’t know how much pain it takes to become like this. Hearing Luo Youyou’s constant gasp from the pain, Eldon Valles did not dare to hug her easily. After all, she is a pregnant woman. , At this time, if something happens to her if she moves, and the child is moved, it will kill two lives!

When the words “one corpse and two lives” crossed Sakura Kurosawa’s mind, the man’s heart stabbed. He stood up and looked at Christian, “Christian…”

Christian clenched his fingers, “I’m calling someone. They are coming soon, Yan Yan, please inform the Luo family by the way- ” ” Call someone?” Sakurahara’s father stood there, like a copper wall and iron wall, “Her mother is here, but I want to see what it looks like. Parents of Japan can educate this kind of unmarried, first-pregnant daughter, who is simply the tooth of the family! In the past, I thought that the Luo family and our Sakura family were close together, but now we have to re-examine it!”

It will take time for the ambulance to arrive, General Ameli Su The information was simply told to Marven Su. At this moment, Marven Su was probably looking for an ambulance from the hospital. Luo Youyou fell to the ground. Seeing the blood gurgling out, Ameli Su felt like it was flowing out by herself. They are all pregnant, and now she feels the same, it hurts so much…

“How did you turn a blind eye!”

Ameli Su couldn’t help it anymore and yelled at Sakurahara’s father, “Do you have no wife? Your wife gave birth to you. Now she is about to give birth, but you just watched the child flow away. How did you do it? It’s so cruel!”

“Oh, it’s draining? It’s just what I want!” Sakurahara’s father is already frantic. He doesn’t see Luo Youyou’s forbearance in his eyes, but thinks that this woman has caused his son’s ghost to be obsessed. It seems that The child can’t be saved anymore. Sakurahara’s father raised his lips. It’s good, and he can solve it without him. “She slipped and fell because of her too fragile feet. Now the child can’t keep it, and it deserves it. It’s because the child doesn’t come to this world.

Come on!” “Shut up!” In the next second, before everyone had time to realize what was happening, Sakura Kurosawa rushed forward. Among dozens of people, he went straight to his father. Then he threw his father to the ground!

After all, the middle-aged man was getting older, and when he didn’t realize what was happening, he already had a fist smashed down on his face!

“You’re unworthy people!”

Accompanied by Sakakibara Blackpool piercing roar, let the pain the people are Sakakibara father screams a cry, followed him shouted, “unfilial, How dare you!”

“I Dare, of course I dare!” When Sakurahara Kurosawa said this, tears had already splashed out. It was a look that Christian had never seen before, collapsed into hysterics, and his anger and despair intertwined and rushed to his throat. Even in the next second, a mouthful of blood would come out of his mouth, and Sakura Kurosawa clutched his father’s collar tightly.

A punch caused a sharp pain in the bridge of his biological father’s nose.

With two punches, his father had blood in his eyes.

At that moment, it is no longer a simple venting of hatred. Sakurahara Kurosawa was clearly the one who beat his father, but every time he dropped his fist, he roared more violently than his father, and no one dared that moment. He stepped forward to stop him, his attitude was as if he was self-immolation, and it was his final determination to die together.

It’s as if he was shaking a mountain that couldn’t be shaken with his thin power. His thin body was nothing but dust in front of feudal dogma. However, he still crashed wildly again and again, trying to reverse it. This suppressed him for so long-a whole, huge, swallowing, Sakurahara family.

“If something happens to Luo Youyou and the child!” Sakura Kurosawa has already tasted blood in his throat, “I will really fight with you, you beast!!!” It’s not a father anymore, it’s a beast!

At this moment, an exclamation came from the door, “Ameli Su, Christian, what is going on?”

Ameli Su looked up, her eyes finally lit up.

“Lemuel Chu!” Ameli Su called Lemuel Chu’s name through so many people, “Save Luo Youyou, where is the ambulance now?”

“There are five minutes to go downstairs.” When Lemuel Chu appeared, The people on the side looked at each other. They didn’t know who he was or where he came from. Only Ace shouted respectfully, “Your Excellency, the road below is clear.”

Lemuel Chu looked at Sakura Hei with cold eyes. The bodyguard of the Ze family squeezed two words from the gap between his teeth-“Get out of the way!”

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