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Chapter 1920

“Who said my teacher is the devil?”

A sweet voice came, and a fairy-like figure descended.

Valkyrie Zorina!

That cold temperament topped the audience!

Jia and Nier saw Karen Keller, and they looked envious!

This is their most envious peer!

“Who said our teacher?”

Two tall figures came.

The strongest Gemini!

Subsequently, the sixth, seventh, and eighth rankings appeared one by one.

Hundreds of people stepped into the arena one by one.

Hundreds of Velador’s strongest rulers are here!

“This is the first and second Gemini? This is the third Zorina? This is the fifth…”

Nier is still well-informed with the people behind Jia, and they all know the famous rulers on the list.

Especially Draco knew all about it.

After all, Velador’s rulers are his competitors!

He is more familiar than anyone else!

“What are they doing here?”

This is everyone’s question.

With so many talents, what are they doing all of a sudden?


Just as Draco was about to ask, these hundreds of talents stood behind Levi, bowed together, and shouted respectfully: “Teacher Garrison!!!”

The sound was shaking, and the momentum was like a dragon and a tiger.

The whole villa is reverberating with sound, wave after wave…

Draco and everyone present were dumbfounded.

Even Jia and Nier are still dumbfounded!

When did Levi become their teacher?

The whole audience was silent!

It took a few minutes for Jia and the others to react one by one.

Looking at Levi incredulously.

His face was full of doubts.

Want to know why?

Gemini stood at the forefront, scanning the audience: “Who said that my teacher is the devil?”

“Teacher? Did you make a mistake? This is a descendant of the Heretic God. How could he be your teacher?”

“Yes, are you crazy? Came here to find a teacher?”

Hearing this, Karen Keller sneered: “Keep saying that Teacher Garrison is a great demon, what has he done that hurts the world? Give me an example!”

“This one…”

In the face of questioning, everyone wanted to give examples of Levi’s various evil deeds.

But found that there is no way to start…

For a long time, they have heard that Levi is a descendant of the Heretic God, but they really don’t know the specifics.

Everyone has never thought about this issue.

Thinking about it now, they were shocked.

“It seems…it doesn’t seem to…”

“Yes, it doesn’t seem to be!”

Everyone was shocked in a cold sweat.

The big devil has never done anything evil?

Karen Keller sneered: “Next, let me tell you what he did…”

Karen Keller told everyone the truth one by one.

“What? It turned out to be him? Is he saving Velador again from the fire?”

“Which other peerless heavenly doctor is him!”

“Even the Cthulrun forces have changed the evil and the good? The Blood Cthulrun does not consume human blood anymore? The Poison Cthulrun does not use people to test poison?”

One by one is going crazy!

It turns out that Nier and Jia were right!

Levi is really such a person!

“Draco, ask yourself, if Teacher Garrison is really a big monster who k!lls people without blinking, do you think you could survive?”

Karen looked at Draco.


Draco’s face changed, and he faltered for a long time, unable to say anything.

This is indeed the case!

Levi is really a demon, he’s such a small person, it’s not enough to die hundreds of times.

Could he come back alive?

Wishful thinking!

At this moment, everyone knows the truth!

Especially Nier and Jia and their families are proud of their daughters.

It is a blessing to be able to make friends with such a big person!

After handling the matter here, Levi decided to leave.

“Teacher Garrison wait a moment, I have something important to t

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