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Chapter 1963

Levi’s body unexpectedly reappeared again.

The blood stains disappeared and the c0rpse appeared.

If other people knew about this, they would be shocked to drop their chin.

How can that be?

Is everything they saw just now is fake?

That’s right!

all fake!

Everything they saw was an illusion produced by Pseudo Ghost using magic techniques to disrupt everyone’s consciousness!

The scene where they saw Levi being dissolved is nothing but an illusion!

Not only passers-by are affected by the illusion, but also the destroyer.

He thought he was dissolving Levi’s c0rpse, but they were all fake, and they were all hallucinations produced by his brain.

But his brain development is too strong.

If he can disturb his consciousness and produce hallucinations, he has to let the Pseudo Ghost do all he can, take out the strongest magic technique, and use the greatest effort to fool him.


The Pseudo Ghost walked staggering, and suddenly a mouthful of blood spurted out.

He almost fell!

It’s not difficult to fool others with a spell just now, but it’s too difficult to fool the Destroyer.

The Pseudo Ghost tried their best to disturb the consciousness of the destroyer, causing him to hallucinate.

But in this way, it consumes too much of his vitality.

This time, the Pseudo Ghost made him at least twenty or thirty years old by using spells.

His hair turns white at a speed visible to the naked eye…

To fool the destroyer, he paid a very painful price.

“Fortunately, I lied!”

Pseudo Ghost smiled.

In fact, the Pseudo Ghost only fooled the people present, but could not fool the cold machine.

But Richard in front of the screen only looked at the front a little bit, and they didn’t look at it again if they were sure that the Destroyer could dissolve Levi.

If they keep staring at the screen, they will find that there is none at all.

The Destroyer was deceived…

Pseudo Ghost looked at Levi’s c0rpse and said, “Hey, you can’t save the life, you can only save the c0rpse!”

It turned out that the Pseudo Ghost also thought that Levi was dying completely!

There is no way to save his life from the Destroyer, only his c0rpse.

Because from the very beginning when he saw Levi, Pseudo Ghost knew that he could not escape today’s catastrophe.

In order not to involve himself, he left under the pretext.

“This is the price you paid for saving people! You rest in peace! I will save your wife!”

Said the Pseudo Ghost.

Anyone who asks Pseudo Ghost to take action will have to pay a price.

It turns out that Levi’s price was to sacrifice his life?

“A good deal!”

The Pseudo Ghost looked at Levi’s body and muttered to himself.

He was going to take Levi’s body away.

But at this moment, the expression of half immortal and half grimace changed.

“No, someone is coming!”

The Pseudo Ghost took advantage of the situation and threw Levi’s body into the sea next to him, and then he also disappeared.

The old guy, Pseudo Ghost, consumes too much energy and can’t drag Levi’s c0rpse away.

Once you have done it, you will be discovered by someone who comes to you.

After the Pseudo Ghost disappeared, several people appeared.

They were secret spies of Tiance Mansion, and came here as quickly as possible after receiving the news of the accident.

When they came here, they looked around.

“Confirm that Levi is dead!”

After confirmation, the spies left.

After the spies left, the Pseudo Ghost reappeared.

Immediately rushed to the sea next to it.

He used spells to search for the location of Levi.

However, he was surprised to find that Levi’s body was missing.

“It shouldn’t be… it’s calm and the sea is calm, and the sea is not motionless! With such a short period of time, he can’t float far away!”

Pseudo Ghost muttered to himself.

He dived into the sea again to search.

In a few hours, he searched the surrounding seas.

Did not see Levi’s body at all.

Levi’s body has disappeared…

Even Pseudo Ghost find it incredible.

“No, he can’t be alive! Why did his body disappear?”

Pseudo Ghost…

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