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Chapter 1965

The Destroyer appeared in the eyes of the public for the first time!

Become the superhero of the Eagle Nation!

And the one who has benefited most is Richard!

Because he planned to k!ll Levi, he received a generous reward!

Originally, he was just a spokesperson for the Lab of the Gods, and could only be counted as the lower level.

But after k!lling Levi this time, he was directly promoted to the core layer of the Laboratory!

Has the right to enter and exit the major base laboratories of the Laboratory, and can mobilize 90% of the equipment and personnel of the Laboratory.

This made Richard almost exhilarated.

This means that he can access more core technologies, more mysterious secrets and mobilize more powerful people.

You are no longer limited to destroyers!

Can mobilize existence stronger than Destroyer!

The Eagle Nation rewarded Richard with a lot of worldly things.

Such as power and wealth!

But Richard doesn’t catch a cold!

His goal is to become the core of the Lab of the Gods…

Double happiness is coming!

Levi is dead, and his goal is achieved again.

“Thank you Levi! I thought I would never be the core of the Lab of the Gods in my life!”

Richard looked up to the sky and smiled.

Richard immediately started Roderick’s transformation energy body experiment again…

No one stopped next.

The East Island forces are as excited as Richard!

If Levi is alive, he will always suppress the Yangard Land Realm, and it will even affect them.

As soon as Levi died, their plan could also be carried out…

After Levi died, some people mourned, some were crazy, some were excited, and some were insulting.

Even more people get promoted and get rich!

This is a painful blow to Velador!

During this time, how many enemy conspiracies he smashed!

At this time, Golden Harbor Island is about to be flattened!

Don’t know how many strong people have come here.

Looking for all clues.

Except for the traces of fighting, there was only a pool of blood on the scene.

Pseudo Ghost deliberately manipulated it…

They can’t find anything.

“Brothers, please remember two names! Richard and Destroyer! I swear I will make them pay a tragic price!”

The Evil Sword screamed.

“To avenge the Lord!”


The seven evil gods and the forces of the evil gods shouted.

“Also remember! Even though the Lord is no longer there, we must abide by everything the Lord taught!”

Sword evil god ordered.

Levi not only conquered them with strength.

It even convinced them with charm.

“What? Levi is dying?”

Coincidentally, the Holy Tribe organization has just sent eighteen dark angels to find him.

Halfway there, news of Levi’s death came out.

They were also shocked.

“This kind of genius suitable for biblical organizations is gone?”

Everyone was surprised.

“Could everyone be fooled by Levi? He wasn’t dead at all?”

The person who spoke was the strongest of the thirteen evil gods under Cthulrun.

“According to the information we have checked, there have been several times that Levi did not die! He deceived everyone!”

Underworld god is very sure.

“It’s excusable that Levi didn’t die before, but this time his body was destroyed! And it was Richard who stared at Levi’s death! Richard was cautious, everyone knows that?”

After another dark angel came out with this theory.

Everyone was silent collectively.

This is indeed the case!

Richard and the Holy Tribe organization understand!

Others say it is dead, it may be fake.

But Richard said he was dead, it was absolutely true.

“Well, let’s go back!”

The eighteen dark angels turned back halfway.

After a few days of silence, there was no news of Levi.

Pseudo Ghost never found Levi’s body.

There is also no clue in this regard.

He also gave up.

“I tried my best!”

But where did Levi’s body go?

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