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Chapter 1980

It’s not that the YGC Consortium brags about how powerful their defense system is, how terrifying are their Assassin Lords?

This is indeed the case!

For many years, under this tight defense.

No matter how strong the Lord is, he has never been close to the villa.

Not to mention entering the villa.

No one has ever been.

Therefore, the YGC Consortium has confidence.

The Tenner clan has confidence!

The commoner k!ller dare to provoke them is a dead end.

But no one thought that a voice blasted in the chamber like a bolt from the blue sky.

It shocked everyone.



Everyone was scared to stand up.

Look around.

At this look, everyone was scared to death!

Because there are two more people in the room without warning.

Take a closer look, isn’t this Levi and Commoner K!lling god?

When did they come in?

Quietly like a ghost?

Are they ghosts?

How can it be?

The appearance of Levi shocked them.

Everyone was so scared that they were going crazy.

“Commoner K!lling god??? What? How did you get in?”

They looked incredible.

Levi smiled: “How did I get in? Of course, I walked in through the gate!”


YGC members shouted in unison.

Their strongest defense system was activated at the highest level.

The five hundred Lords of the Assassin group have all been in place, guarding them outside.

How can anyone come in?

This is impossible!

Absolutely impossible!

This must be dreaming!

“Impossible! Why would you come in directly? The defense system independently designed by our East Island is the highest level in the world! Absolutely impossible!”

Masiah was still making an excuse.

Levi was happy.

The defense system here is meant to be a joke, right?

Still the strongest in the world?

Not to mention the defense system of the East Wind Science and Technology Base.

Their defense system was even strong when Levi went to the Eagle Nation to arrest people, and the laboratory where Jefferson was hiding.

Is this the number one in the world?


It took Levi less than a minute to break this defense system.

As for the top five hundred Assassin groups…


Over time.

YGC Masiah realized that this was not a dream.

Levi did indeed k!ll the two of them.

Their defense system has failed.

Failed to stop the two.

“Come on! Call all the members of the Assassin group to k!ll these two people!”

“Hurry up!”

They immediately called the Assassin group to protect them.

Just shouted for a long time, and there was no response at all.

Levi was smiling.

He opened the door of the chamber.

Immediately, a pungent smell of blood came out.

Make everyone sick…

“Are you looking for them?”

Hearing Levi’s voice, everyone looked outside.

At this sight, everyone was shocked in a cold sweat.

Outside the chamber was full of c0rpses, blood and pungent smell intertwined, like h3ll…

Dead. All dead!

All the guards of the Assassin group and the villa were quietly resolved by Levi and Common k!lling God.

None of them were left.

The YGC Consortium thought that the tightest defense was dismantled by Levi so easily.

Levi looked at them with a sneer: “It’s up to you next!”

“What? I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it…”

Before dying, these heads of the YGC Consortium were unwilling to accept all this.

The YGC Consortium is destroyed!

Without waiting for everyone’s reaction, Levi and Commoner wiped out the underground world of Yangard overnight with a destructive posture.

The earth emperor and others in the underground world of Yangard have all been eliminated!

Overnight, the largest consortium collapsed and the underground world was wiped out…

The common k!ller became famous.

His time has come…

Velador is excited.

But someone panicked!

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