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Chapter 1981

The YGC Consortium is destroyed.

The Black Sun organization is speechless.

The forces of Earth Emperor are destroyed, and the Black Sun organization is going crazy.

How come?

In their expectation, no matter how strong the Common k!lling God is, he will not destroy these two forces?

But this is indeed the case.

If they didn’t accept it, they have to accept it now.

“At present, the strength of Common k!ller is unknown! We don’t know what hole cards he has! So the remaining six of us must unite! We can’t let Commoner k!ll God destroy us one by one! We can’t afford to lose!”

“Yes, it doesn’t matter if we lose! The key is to work for the face of the black sun and lose the face of Yangard!”

“We can’t let him make trouble like Livi did in the War Eagle Nation, but there is nothing we can do!”

“From now on we must put away our contempt for the Common K!ller god! No matter what he is, we must first punish him!”

Under the advice of the Tenner clan, the remaining major forces of the Black Sun all united.

Five great ancient martial arts families and advisors are united.

That’s pretty scary!

The fact that the commoner k!lls the four superpowers in the East Island quickly spread all over the world!

The popularity of Common K!ller god has skyrocketed!

Gradually have the momentum to replace Levi!

At this time, Tiance Mansion Horizon Pavilion updated the new big summer list.

The Common k!ller soared directly from fifth to second!

Overtake Nandi and Sarah in one fell swoop!

What he did was too influential.

Simply unstoppable!

Everyone in Velador found comfort in Common k!lling God.

They hope he can replace Levi and become the pillar of Velador.

The commoner who knew all this laughed at himself and laughed at those who belived every word out there about him.

“Hey! I didn’t expect the peak moment of my life to be fake!”

Levi also smiled: “The peak? It hasn’t arrived yet! At least the entire Black Sun must be uprooted, right?”

The news that the Commoner spread more and more widely.

Even Richard began to notice him.

Thoughtful, he started investigating Common Killer god.

However, there seems to be no problem after checking.

“Keep watching! I’m going to see the results of the experiment!”

This day is the official start of the experiment to restore Roderick.

In the expectation of everyone, the first formal experiment was successful.

Although nine of the ten people who participated in the experiment exploded and died, not even a sc*m was left.

But one person succeeded.

Although it was only a low-profile version of Roderick’s pure energy body, it was considered a success.

Only this low-profile version is now out, it can also stir the world, and it is difficult to k!ll.

Richard and the Lab of the Gods began to cheer.

Then, as long as they improve and continue the experiment, they will be able to completely restore Roderick’s experiment.

Richard couldn’t help thinking of something, “By the way, did you find the person you were looking for?”

“Mr. Richard, all the people have been found and brought!”

Richard smiled and said: “Okay, strengthen their physique recently! Let them become the best test subjects! I want them to succeed in this experiment! How to do it, don’t I need to tell you?”

“Understand! We must do it!”

Thinking of future plans, Richard couldn’t help but smile.

“Levi, Levi, you are so lucky! You didn’t see Roderick’s pure energy body! You didn’t see the pure energy body that I restored next!”

“I really want you to come back to life and have a good fight with the pure energy body, and see how long you can hold it?”

Levi couldn’t help but sneeze.

“Is Richard you? Don’t worry, it’s you next!”

Levi smiled.

At this moment, he and Common k!ller are heading to the headquarters of Black Sun.

The Black Sun organization has gathered all its strength.

Even the masters are coming to Edor Castle from all over Yangard.

Even the Lords on the Yangard Sun List are dispatched…

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