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Chapter 1996

No one is here!

It was Richard who sent them as a support for the Lord of Black Sun.


The first to rush in was frightened by the sight of purgatory in front of him.


The second rushed in and hit the first person.

Then he was shocked by the scene before him.

“Boom boom…”

More and more people rushed in, and everyone was blocked at the gate.

Hundreds of people were dumbfounded.

“Mr…Mr. Tenner, we were sent by Mr. Richard to help you!”

The visitor showed his identity.

“Huh? Richard?”

Isn’t this hitting the muzzle?

Levi slowly picked up a dagger.


He tossed it casually, and the dagger turned into a flash of lightning and shot out.

Like a bullet.


Mark a distance of several hundred meters and directly penetrate the front one.


The second person was pierced again.

The dagger still penetrates the third person with unabated speed!

The fourth person!

The fifth person!

The dagger constantly shuttled in the crowd, bringing up blood lines.

Gorgeous and poignant!

Elon and the counsellors of the Tenner clan are going crazy.

Can it be like this?

Levi invisibly manipulated a dagger hundreds of meters away, and even pierced hundreds of people, leaving no one behind.

What realm must this be?

Exist like a god!



All the people sent by Richard had fallen.

None of them survived.


Even Common Killer god looked at it again!

Levi’s act of manipulating a dagger to penetrate hundreds of people just now seemed simple, but it required too much control.

Elon and others were completely numb.

too strong.

“you you you…”

“Now I can tell you, I am Levi!”

With that, Levi’s face changed and returned to his original appearance.


“Levi, are you still alive?”


Seeing Levi’s original face, everyone went crazy.

He turned out to be Levi!

He didn’t even die?

How can it be?

Levi obviously planned to k!ll them with Richard?

They watched the c0rpse destroyed, albeit at the beginning.

It is certain that Levi is dead.

How did he come back to life?


Richard repeatedly confirmed later that Levi was bound to die.

How can he live?

But the facts are here!

He is indeed alive!

“You are wondering why I live? It’s a long way from k!lling me if you want to k!ll me! The reason why I suspended my death is to get rid of you!”

Levi smiled.

“This, this…”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Who could think he was still alive?

He really can’t k!ll!

It won’t die like this!

Elon fell to his knees with a thud.

He didn’t have a trace of strength all over his body.

All scared stupid.

“You clean up your portal!”

Levi kicked Elon at the feet of Common k!ller.

“Lord, please forgive me!”

Elon began to kowtow to beg for mercy.

The Common k!ller did not speak, and slapped Elon on the head.


Blood flying sword.

Elon is so dead…

Levi looked at the counselors of the Tenner clan again.



He slapped two to death, and the rest screamed in fright.

Who is not afraid of death?

Especially seeing so many people die one by one.

“Now I only have one question, whoever answers me, I can spare him his life!”

Levi said.

Hearing the hope of survival, everyone nodded hurriedly.

They all said that they could answer this question.

“Well, I ask you, who is the person who imitated my practice and set the blame on me in the black sun?”

Levi asked.

Everyone’s expressions changed when they heard this question.

Everyone looked at each other.

“Let’s talk! If you don’t say it all will die!”

“I say!”

Everyone shouted a name in unison.

Levi and Common Killer god changed their expressions when they heard…

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