His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2127

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Chapter 2127

While Luo Youyou and Sakura Kurosawa were bringing the baby, Christian and Ameli Su were also honestly raising a baby.

Raising a fetus belongs to raising a fetus, and they are also wondering what hobbies they want to cultivate after the baby is born.

While observing the quality of the rice grains, while looking up from the microscope, Christian said, “It’s good to learn farming with me, and it can still keep fit.”

“Learning since childhood?” Ameli Su followed him in the experiment. Standing in the room, they have always appeared in pairs since they were pregnant. Christiansheng was afraid of any accidents with the child, so he followed Ameli Su. It’s better now. The entire college knows that Christian and Ameli Su have a relationship. After the baby, Senior Christian is like a watchdog, not letting strangers get close to her at all!

However, compared to Christian’s high coldness, Senior Sister Ameli Su looks approachable. She smiles so beautifully. Don’t say that she is a boy when she walks. There are often little girls who watch her unable to move.

“I thought you were going to be attacked by everyone… studying while pregnant.” Christian poured himself a cup of coffee and muttered while stirring, “Is it because I think humanity is too bad?”

“Now the social tolerance is up. Ameli Su smiled and lifted her hair, her gray-green eyes were like treasures, “I was scolded a few years ago, but now it’s much better. Everyone’s awareness of human nature has increased, and they don’t pursue a single flat. Bai Shanyou, I watched more and more people like the glamorous villain roles in TV dramas. “It can be said that everyone is getting more rational and aesthetically richer.

“Increase in social tolerance is a good thing.” Christian stroked his chin pretentiously, “Then can I understand my wife abuse…”

A little brother who wrote a paper on the side pushed his glasses inexplicably. “You think too much. If you abuse your wife, you will only be punished more severely than before. Now men and women are equal. In the past, there would still be people who are in love with inequality. Now every girl can take the lead. If you dare to abuse Wife…” The little brother looked at Ameli Su and cheered her up, “Kick him! Senior Sister Ameli Su! There are handsome guys everywhere, don’t be foolish!”

Christian gas directly laughed, “that if the Ameli Su doing a bad thing?”

“Support!” Little brother said, “That’s your reward!”

Damn, now the main man out of fashion, pop The heroine!

My lord, times have changed!

Christian felt that he would be a man with his tail clipped in the future, otherwise he would be held on to by others.

After correcting the data in the thesis, Christian said that he would take Ameli Su out to eat, but the little brother suddenly stopped them, “Senior Ameli Su, I have a school girl here who wants to see you.”

“Ah.” Ameli Su was stunned, “Is it someone I know?”

“It seems to be a professional with you, but you don’t necessarily remember her, after all, you are a celebrity.” The little brother waved his phone, “She said there was a problem. Ask you for advice, I am embarrassed to convey it directly, and call me to tell you.”

“Yes,” Ameli Su’s eyes lit up, “What’s so embarrassing about this…”

“She is outside the door now,”

said the little brother.

“Waiting for you for a long time!” ” Let’s say it soon!”

Ameli Su looked out the door. As expected, there was a girl with a single ponytail standing outside. She was refreshing and delicate. She looked like a non-contrived type. She looked around and waited for a long time. When they saw Ameli Su and Christian, their eyes were expectant and complicated.

Christian instinctively felt that her eyes were not good, and he pulled Ameli Su, “Be careful.”

Ameli Su stepped forward, but the little girl smiled, “Senior Sister Ameli Su, I am a major with you. It is your younger sister. I would like to ask you if I don’t understand the research…” “Welcome and welcome, I may not be omnipotent. Let’s study together.” Ameli Su’s face was pale, as if glowing, “If you don’t mind, have dinner together at night and eat Talk.”

“Okay! My honor!” The girl looked at Ameli Su with normal eyes, and she suddenly became hostile again when she saw Christian.

Christian pointed at himself, what’s the situation?

After a while, I saw the girl pull out a bunch of lilies from behind and stuff them directly into Ameli Su’s hands.

“The lily I just raised recently, the first bloom.” The girl turned red, “Send it to you!”

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