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Chapter 2024

Even in Richard’s analysis, Tiance Mansion will be escorted secretly accordingly.

After all, something happened, and they couldn’t hold back their face.

Apart from other things, Velador’s reputation is also to be considered.

Richard was indeed right.

Tiance Mansion really arranged for someone to watch it in secret, and was afraid that someone would do it.

The matter is small, but the face is great.

Six transport teams from six major regions arrived at the port safely.

As Richard expected, no one stopped or snatched it.

No accidents at all!

Rex, Jimson, and others specially escorted six batches of Sunstones to the port.

Watching all the Sunstones move onto the ship.

They all breathed a sigh of relief.

As long as you leave Velador, you will be safe everywhere.

“Mr. Richard’s mission is complete, you can just wait to accept it!”

Rex talked to Richard.

“The biggest hidden danger lies in Velador. Once Velador is out, who would dare to move the things in my gods’ laboratory from the whole world?”

Richard laughed.

This is not just casual talk, it stems from the hegemony of the Warhawk Nation and the terrible nature of the Lab of the Gods.

The name of the person, the shadow of the tree.

Who dares to move the things in the laboratory of the gods in the world?

It’s too late to hide!

That is to say, Levi and Velador dared to oppose the Lab of the Gods before, and the others didn’t have the guts at all.

Therefore, Richard has this confidence that as long as the Sunstone leaves Velador, it is absolutely safe to transport it from the sea to the Eagle Nation.

No one dared to move at all.

What’s more, there are many Lords on the escort.

This is safe.

“Now that Uncle Rex has completed the mission, I will celebrate with a few friends!”

Jimson said.

After the task was completed, Jimson became confident as a whole.

The shadow of Levi is getting smaller and smaller.

“Okay, no problem! The completion of the first batch of Sunstones is a milestone for us and it is worth celebrating!”

Rex laughed.


Accompanied by the sound of the whistle, the ship slowly left the harbor and completely left the territory of Velador.

Just when everyone thought it was stable, a voice came out: “It’s time to make a move!”

Levi had been staring at the Sunstone.

How could Sunstone leave Velador easily?

Since it started in Velador and affected his reputation, then he would do it outside Velador.

A few hours later, the ship transporting the Sunstone had arrived on the high seas.

This is also the time when everyone relaxes their vigilance the most.

In the past few hours, the Blackwater Company has issued a global announcement: “If anyone dares to touch this batch of things! Then the Blackwater Company and the Lab of the Gods will never spare them! There is even the anger of the entire Warhawk Nation!”

As soon as this announcement was made, no one dared to think about this batch of things.

Even some people, including some pirates, remove obstacles on the sea in advance to show their courtesy.

On the ship, the crew and the security escorts began to celebrate.

Either drinking or dancing.

There are happy and peaceful scenes everywhere.

This is their easiest mission.

It’s so high-profile!

The whole world knows that they deliver things, but no one dares to grab them.

At this moment, captain Ackles and the captain of the escort team Van der Sek were tasting the wine together.

“Before I came, I was worried that something might happen, but now it’s totally unnecessary to think about it…”

Akers has encountered many robberies before.

So there is a shadow in his heart.

Van der Sek smiled and said: “Who has eaten the bear heart and leopard, dare to rob this batch of goods?”

“Yes, unless anyone wants to die, it is impossible to rob!”

“call out!”


At this moment, flares in the front lifted off, illuminating the place as bright as day.

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