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Chapter 2107

The pure energy body will really die!

This is the deep feeling of the parties!

They are really scared to come alone!

This woman is so fcuk!ng fierce!

Have never seen it so fierce!

He is really scared.

Therefore, Nick wants to gather everyone together to deal with her.

“This is our first collective action! We will let you know how strong we are!”

Nick’s eyes were full of confidence.

Together with dozens of them, they didn’t pay attention to the female ancestor at all.

Together they made a shocking move.

What’s more, Richard has carefully arranged a set of cooperative tactics for them.

Let them maximize their power.

To achieve the effect that one plus one is greater than two.

So everyone shot together, and confidence came.

If everyone beats the one in front of you again.

They really alarmed the world.

Everyone became more excited.

Their momentum changed, and a breath of silence came out and filled the audience.

Richard and the Lab of gods are full of expectations and confidence.

They really want to see the picture of victory.


Seeing Nick everyone unite, the female ancestor just sneered.


When she stepped on the ground with her feet, the ground shook, and everyone was shaken.

The terrible momentum is spreading.

Everyone felt something was wrong, as if something happened in this place.

“Huh? No…this…how am I restricted…I can’t use my energy…”

Nick’s face changed drastically.

“Me too! I can’t control it either! I feel something pressing against me…”

“I can’t move, my whole body seems to be restricted…”

“What’s the matter? What’s wrong with us?”


Everyone was dumbfounded.

They are restricted.

Even the most basic power cannot be used.

The weaker ones can’t even move.


Could it be…

They looked at the female ancestor one after another!

She stomped her feet just now, which seems to have changed the magnetic field and other elements here?

Limit their energy directly?

Let them not be able to play a bit!

The female ancestor looked at them blankly, slowly raised her right hand, and slapped it out in the air.

A huge palm came out suddenly.


The sky is shaking!

Almost the entire capital is shaking.

The black clouds in the sky were directly dispersed…

Nick and dozens of others were directly knocked to the ground.

A palm print the size of four football fields landed on the ground, several meters deep!


It was too shocking!

The power of a slap is terrifying!

Is this a god?

Why is this middle-aged woman so scary? ? ?

As for Nick, they have been changed directly into cakes!

Under the palm of the female ancestor, half of their energy body was blasted away.

The remaining half let them linger!

It turned out that the female ancestors was merciful, otherwise they would be taken away with a slap.

The reason for keeping them is to take them back for Tiance Mansion to study!

How to k!ll pure energy body?

The female ancestor of Tiance Mansion gave the answer today!

Just strong enough!

Are they not made of terrible energy?

Then just blast away the energy!

Don’t they just die?

Of course, for ordinary people, the energy of their body is too terrible.

How can it be easily blown away?

Totally impossible!

In particular, the energy produced by the collision of super-energy particles discovered by Roderick is even more terrifying.

This is the need for this person to be strong enough!!!

The female ancestor shouted in a certain direction: “Did you see it? This is the solution! A bunch of trash! This little thing will affect my disciple!”

The female ancestor is doing things in Tiance Mansion.

The female ancestor shouted again–

“This is not the place you should come to. If you have ideas, please get away from me!”

“Especially anyone who dares to hit my disciple’s idea, no matter who it is, I will k!ll them!”

Domineering and protect the calf!

The most domineering in history!

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