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Chapter 2108

The female ancestor is warning the people all over the world, don’t make Velador’s idea.

Not to mention her disciple’s idea!

If in the past, no matter who warned, even if Levi saved Velador time and time again, who abroad would simply ignore it.

Because the deterrence is not enough.

But today this ancestor has such a voice, everyone is scared.

Who is not afraid?

Slap so many pure energy bodies on the ground, who is not afraid?

Just as the various forces in various countries are studying how to deal with the pure energy body, the female ancestor came out directly, she can k!ll the pure energy body, this shock cannot be described in words.

Even Richard’s heart kept tugging, and his face was extremely ugly.

He was frightened.

He finally understood why his boss said that the Lab of gods could deal with pure energy bodies.

It turns out that in the eyes of the real strong, the pure energy body is just like the weak chicken, which can be easily crushed.

Before Roderick’s level was reached, they were all sc*m.

In this way, Richard’s plan all fell through.

His original plan was to use people like Nick to force out Tiance Mansion’s hole cards little by little.

Tiance Mansion will slowly send out more and more powerful Lords.

There must be at least ten batches.

Then he can analyze the dozens of Lords in Tiance Mansion.

Anyway, in his expectation, it is not easy for Tiance Mansion to deal with Nick’s dozens of pure energy bodies.

At least peeling.

Even more than a dozen batches of Lords, there will be more.

Almost revealed most of Tiance Mansion’s trump cards…

But who could think of a female ancestor coming out? ? ?

She slapped them all on the ground.

Everyone can tell that she has kept her hand.

Otherwise, Nick would all be slapped to death by her.

so horrible!

The problem is solved with one slap.

Richard was dumbfounded.

Tiance Mansion was even more dumbfounded.

What they want to break their brains, is that solved?

But sometimes hiding it is not necessarily a good thing.

You have to be decisive and deal with it directly.


“Do you understand now? Tiance Mansion and Trex clan are very powerful, just like you don’t know how powerful the Lab of gods is!”

The immediate boss said something like a touch of cold water splashing on Richard’s head.

He is still arrogant.

Delusion to use these pure energy bodies to measure the hole cards of Tiance Mansion.

But the result was obvious-it failed.

Also elicited such a lunatic, and shocked the whole world!


In the biblical organization.

The evil gods finally knew what the Dark god had said and their disdain for pure energy bodies.

In the face of absolute power, the pure energy body is vulnerable.

If you can’t solve it, then you are not strong enough.

“Tiance Mansion and the Trex clan can’t afford to provoke them. Basically, how long the history of Velador is, and how deep the Tiance Mansion Trex clan is!

The Dark god said such a sentence.


Great Velador capital.

The female ancestor dragged dozens of them away with a rope.

She wants to hand them over to Tiance Mansion to study…

Although weak in front of her, it still makes sense for Velador.

People from Tiance Mansion came to greet her immediately.

Each was wiping cold sweat.

Isn’t the ancestor’s temper too hot?

Three under five divided by two and cleaned up.

Really vigorous and resolute!

Before handing the people out, the female ancestor looked at everyone with disdain: “Just you chickens! Even if my disciple Aubrey gives it to you, you can’t take it away!”


Everyone was taken aback.

But quickly reflected the meaning of this sentence.

It’s very simple-

The female ancestor means that the child is strong enough, even if she is given to them, they will not be able to take her away…


Everyone gasped.

Is the little kid so strong?

Think about it too.

The strongest talent, plus a few ancestors to guide…

All sides change color.

It can be said that the slap of the female ancestor has drawn a new era…

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