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Chapter 2124

“Offend the laboratory of the gods, no matter where you are sacred, you will die!”

Lucifer sneered.

The Great Clown and the other one who jumped out of the sea all smiled.

In their opinion, Levi would definitely be burned to death by the witch’s flames.

Even God cannot save him today.

They also knew that someone was coming to rescue him, but it was too late.

There is no chance at all.

Indeed, many people came to save Levi.

Even the evil god Cthulrun came.

But it’s too late!

No one has time to save him!

There is also a chance for the eighteen dark angels around…


Seeing Levi in pain, the Hell Witch let out an evil laugh.

But after a long time, her smile disappeared.

Her complexion almost froze.

All right? ? ?


Even the sc*m that had been burned long ago was left in the body by the flames of hell.

To be exaggerated, even the soul was burned.

But why is Levi okay? ? ?

There are no cracks in the body!

This is impossible!

Her hell flames can burn through any physique, and even the pure energy body can be burned out.

In the end, Levi had nothing to do.

Not only is there nothing on the outside, but also on the inside.

It’s just pain!

It hurts nothing!

Seeing the expression of the witch, Lucifer and the Great Clown also changed color one by one.

What’s the situation?

Is it useless for him?


Levi’s roar was even more terrifying, his voice seemed to tear the sky.

He was suffering to the extreme.


Levi exploded with an unrivaled aura and shook the Hell Witch out!

He is more vigorous than before!

Like the phoenix nirvana.

There is an aura of destruction in him!


He has completely absorbed the flames of hell!

This is something no one expected!

Not only did the h3ll demon flame not hurt him, it was absorbed by him!

It was obvious that Levi’s breath was more terrifying and stronger than before.

This is what he didn’t expect!

They thought he was going to die.

Because that kind of pain is the feeling of death!

He felt that his body was about to be burned and melted…

But he didn’t expect that his physique was so terrifying that he would completely absorb these hell flames.

These hell flames seem to have tempered his muscles and veins.

Take his physique to the next level!

Levi is a person with super willpower, of course, he has to be given such an amazing physique because of his Lord’s gift.

“Ha ha!”

Levi looked at everyone with a sneer.

The Hell Witch was dumbfounded.

Does she claim that the flame that can burn everything is useless to Levi? ? ?

The Hell Witch was not reconciled, she continued to use flames to burn him!

But the flames of hell became more and more useless to Levi.

At first, Levi would absorb it painfully, and gradually he would absorb it naturally.

This flame completely had no effect on him.

The Hell Witch was also slapped and flew out by him.

But the danger is still there.

The flame of the witch is not good, but Lucifer and the Great Clown are all there.

Levi’s dangers have not been eliminated!


Another guy known as the sea monster.

Step on the feet.

The sea not far away was tumbling, and vortexes appeared.

It seems to control the topography of this land.

He controlled the sea to suppress this area and exert influence.

Levi immediately felt that his power was restricted!

The same as the magnetic field device.

At the same time, the weird tattoo on Lucifer’s body began to flicker, showing a state of congestion.


The ultimate power is presented in an overbearing manner.

The speed is extremely fast and the angle is weird.


There was a muffled sound.

Levi’s body seemed to be shot with afterimages!

Blood spilled from the corner of his mouth.

Lucifer is too strong!

As long as the bloodshot of the weird tattoo on his body is full of blood, it will bring him the ultimate strength.

“It’s me!”

The clown emperor is also going to make a move.

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