The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2125

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Chapter 2125

After Levi was restricted by the sea monster using the sea to control the terrain, Lucifer shot him and injured him.

Now even the clown emperor has shot.

This is unimaginable in the Lab of gods!

Never expected these three, no, to be precise, these four would shoot together.

Things never happened before!

Although one-to-one, it can be suppressed.

But the pulling time is too long now.

They all wanted a quick fight, so the three teamed up together.


The clown emperor activated and made a movement to break through the sound barrier.

He appeared behind the backward and hit him with a punch.


Levi vomited blood and was beaten out.

He finally realized how strong the Lab of gods was.

What is it like one level higher than Richard.

But he will not fall!

Levi abruptly stabilized his figure, and without waiting for the three of them to react, immediately attacked.

Despite being suppressed, Levi still struggling to punch.


This punch implied multiple strengths and exploded in the sea monster’s body.

The sea monster was affected and could no longer control the sea to suppress Levi.

At this moment, Levi was just as liberated.


He pointed his two fingers at the clown emperor and Lucifer who attacked from the left and right.

This is a fingering modified from the technique of taboo.

It is also the key to Levi getting rid of the pure energy body!

All power is based on a little burst.

For a time, the clown emperor and Lucifer quickly resolved…

This seems to threaten them.


It was at this moment that Levi attacked the Hell Witch who had no threat to him.

The Hell Witch panicked.

She hastily manipulated the flames of hell to block Levi.

It’s useless.

Levi hit her with a punch!


She flew out, although she was not dead, but her body was seriously damaged.

Everyone’s face changed.

She was hurt!

how can that be?

How could he hurt her?

Why is it called the Lab of gods?

Because inside are the gods!

Of course, this is a title, they claim to be gods!

It’s just a human being.

However, they are relatively powerful, and they feel that they can control everything and surpass mortals, so they are called the laboratory of the gods.

A Hell Witch of this level has never been injured.

So now that the Hell Witch was injured, everyone showed an incredible look.

It feels like people like Levi are not qualified to hurt her at all, and they are not worthy at all.

This is beating the face of the Lab of gods fiercely!

Can’t bear it!!!

“k!ll him!”

They were all forced to such embarrassment by Levi, Lucifer and the Great Clown were going crazy.

Never give Levi any chance.

More tattoos on Lucifer’s body are beginning to be bloodshot and shiny, and the aura on his body is getting stronger and more terrifying.

The clown emperor throws out a clown playing card, turning it into an indestructible weapon to k!ll Levi.

As for the sea monster, he actually manipulated the seawater, turning the weight of the seawater into his own power and hitting Levi!

The sea is endless, and his power is getting more and more terrifying!



After the three teamed up, Levi was obviously struggling.

There was blood in the mouth, in the nose, and in the eyes.

These three people are one level higher than him!

He felt that he was completely suppressed!

Death is officially close to him.



It is better than him that under the combination of the three, he is losing steadily.

Going to die soon.

Levi used all the innovative tricks of taboo, but it was not taboo after all, and his research time was relatively short.

These are okay to deal with pure energy bodies, but they can be dealt with one level higher, obviously not.

All used.

Still not working!

No way!

I can’t die!

“The Art of Taboo!!!”

“Lord, I’m sorry! I have to use it!”

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