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Chapter 2138

This is Levi’s curious question.

The reason why these ancient forces and races are so crazy is because of his Lord.

Everything about him is given by the Lord.

He is too mysterious…

There are still many mysteries to this day.

Especially seeing these ancient races and forces rushing crazy, this made Levi even more curious.

Obviously, these people know the identity of the Lord.

“Sir, don’t you know??”

Everyone looked at Levi in amazement.

“Lord never told me his identity! I really don’t know anything!”

Levi approached.

Everyone looked at each other and couldn’t help saying, “Yes! According to his personality, it would be wrong to tell you.”

“Master Actually, we don’t know a lot! He’s not something we mortals can know, nor do we dare to know!”

“He is a strange man! All of us present have more or less received his favor!”

“Yes, if it weren’t for him, our clan would have been destroyed! He is the creator of our clan!”

“The same with us! For so many years, we have always wanted to see him again!”

“He is the lifelong belief of our clan! Our clan is worshiping him!”


Levi completely underestimated the madness of this group of people.

Whenever he mentioned Lord, this group of people went crazy.

The point is that they worshipped the Lord as if they were a god.

Don’t know what the Lord did.

Are these ancient races crazy to such an extent?

It’s hard to imagine!

What kind of existence is Lord in their time?

What level is it in his own time?

But after asking for a long time, he didn’t get any important information.

Because the Lord is also very mysterious in the eyes of these people, and it can even be said that he passed by in a flash, leaving little things and impressions.

But everything is vital to these ancient races and affects them.

“Do you know sir? We really want to call him Lord, but we are not qualified!”

“Let’s put it this way, as long as he wants to take slaves and shout, those old guys in this world can fight for months, even a year!”

“If you want to be his servant, line up? Where do you have to line up!”

“He is a god to us!”


Levi felt shocked again.


All are crazy!

How strong are the men calling gods by these ancient races?

“Actually, we shouldn’t call you a sir. You are the inheritor of god! But we dare to call you sir!”

“As for the specific situation of that person, you have to dig a little bit! I guess he didn’t explain to you, and he doesn’t want you to know too much, so get involved too much!”


The meaning of these people is very simple.

They also knew some things about Lord, but they couldn’t tell, they had to rely on Levi to dig it out.

But there is one thing, they will fully obey all the orders of Levi in the future.

As long as Levi has something to do, they will help immediately.

god order came out.

The tribe surrendered.

This is a good thing for Levi.

Today is also the tip of the iceberg of the real situation of Lord.

Finally, the evil god Cthulrun approached Levi.

“Please rest assured, Ms. Porter was rescued by me and she is safe. I can take you to see now!”

Cthulrun evil divine way.

“You are in the same vein as my practice. It seems that you are also related to Lord! You deliberately let me go that day. Did you find the token?”

Levi had thought of everything.

Cthulrun nodded: “That’s right.”

“Then tell me about your relationship with the Lord, I would also like to know the secret about you.”

Levi asked.

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