The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2139

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Chapter 2139

Actually, Levi would like to know why Cthulrun wanted to form the Black Sun organization?

Why target the Velador martial arts world?

There are a few more words to let Richard unconditionally trust, why are these?

Why did it suddenly disappear in his time?

Everything is a mystery!

“In fact, sir…no, I am not qualified to call him appearing, it is god! god has the grace to recreate me!”

“Basically, like the people outside, he is our creator! He gave us life!”

Cthulrun was very excited when he mentioned Levi’s Lord.

That kind of reverence and awe and gratitude are carved in the bones.

Levi listened carefully without interrupting.

“Actually I come from the Trex clan!”

Cthulrun’s words shocked Levi.


He actually comes from the Trex clan?

It’s so shocking!

Cthulrun actually came from the Trex clan? ? ?

Don’t know how many people are surprised when it spreads out!

“go on!”

Levi could not help stabilizing his emotions.

“The Trex clan and the Tiance Mansion are stricter than you think. There are too many rules! In order to preserve the pure blood heritage, they will never allow their members to marry foreigners! Otherwise, they will k!ll you!”

“My mother is a foreigner, or a mundane ordinary person! Met and fell in love with my father and then got me!

According to the strict rules of Tiance Mansion and Trex clan, my parents must die! In addition, my father’s line is only marginal figures and has no right to speak at all! My parents could only die…”

“They ruined everything about me, and even they wanted to get rid of me! I was abolished by my martial art, and my veins were broken! At my most desperate moment, it was him who appeared and saved my life!”

“This is what you know, sir-not to break or stand, and to pursue the ultimate strength and speed!”

This is why Cthulrun would use exactly the same technique as Levi, and even imitated him to frame him.

Sure enough, they are in the same vein!

“From then on, I vowed to make them pay! Let them know that they were wrong! So I started the era of evil gods belonging to me, and there are 13 evil gods under my command! I want to be strong enough to threaten them, strong enough to make them fear!”

Cthulrun’s face changed.

“But in the end, I found that my own power was insignificant in front of them! What kind of evil god era, but people are not willing to look at you!

I have done so much, and I don’t even have the qualifications to let people take a look! The power I possess can’t resist a finger!”

Levi asked, “That’s why you disappeared?”

“Yes, that’s right! I thought I could fight them, but I didn’t expect that I was as small as an ant in front of them! So I disappeared immediately and left Velador!”

“However, Tiance Mansion and Trex Clan have always been my enemies, and I will not give up! Over the years I have been trying to make myself strong enough to fight them!”

Levi looked at him indifferently: “So you established the Black Sun organization to target the Velador martial arts world, and framed me to cause civil strife, all for revenge?”

The evil god Cthulrun showed a look of guilt: “Yes! They are too powerful, I can only unite with other people to use conspiracy to strike and target!”

“It’s also the reason why you and Richard are cooperating?”

The Cthulrun nodded: “Yes, I can’t do it on my own, I can only use Richard to achieve my dream! Because Tiance Mansion is my enemy, Richard has no doubt about my cooperation with him. !”

“I did help Richard a lot during this period! Including watching the Tiance Mansion and their movements! This may be difficult for others! But it is easy for me, because I know them!”

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