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Chapter 2140

This is why the Cthulrun was able to follow Tiance Mansion when Richard was transporting the Sunstone in Velador.


Basically, Levi understood the secret of Cthulrun.

It’s actually very simple.

Cthulrun wants revenge…

“You’re right to take revenge! But it’s not right for you to hurt the innocent! If it weren’t for my special status, you would still not stop!”

Levi said.

Cthulrun listened obediently.

“From now on, I will not stop you for revenge, but if you hurt the innocent and do something that threatens Velador, I will definitely k!ll you!”

Levi said.

Cthulrun nodded.

He was willing to let Levi let him die only by the kindness of that person.

“By the way, where is this place?”

After talking with Cthulrun, Levi asked.

“Sir, this is still in Star Country, we haven’t left!”

Cthulrun answered.

Levi smiled helplessly.

It seems that everyone now uses the Star Country as a base.

Fights and troubles are all here.

After Levi was alive this time, he planned to go back to see the wife, child, and mother.

As for Sarah, Levi also knows where she is now.

The Holy Tribe Organization!

According to the people of Underworld god, Sarah is safe now.

After watching his mother and Aubrey, Levi will go and pick up Sarah.

Under the leadership of Cthulrun, Levi saw his mother.

“Come, mom, let’s go see Aubrey!”

No one doesn’t want a daughter.

Levi wanted very much.

But according to the current situation, in fact, Aubrey is the safest in Tiance Mansion.

She was guarded by a group of ancestors, and she had no worries all her life.

And with her talent, under the guidance of this group of ancestors, it is estimated that by the time she comes out, Aubrey will be able to be alone.

This is why Levi never disturbs her.

But after this “near-death experience”, he missed her so much.

Has to take a look at Aubrey.

But where is Tiance Mansion?

How can Levi see Aubrey?

Others may not know.

But Cthulrun is here!

He used to belong to the Trex clan of Tiance Mansion.

Even marginal figures.

But must know where.

Tiance House.

The strongest inspiring institution in Velador!

Not only is Velador’s highest combat power, but also where Velador’s many secrets are located.

It is also a mysterious place to the extreme, comparable to the 51 Special Zone of the War Eagle Nation and the headquarters of the gods’ laboratory, and so on!

These places hide the great secrets of the War Eagle country.

May affect the whole world…

But the world only knows that there is this place, but they don’t know where it is.

The same goes for Tiance Mansion and Trex clan.

There are other countries and other forces who don’t know how many years they have been searching, and they have never found it.

Now Levi stepped into the Tiance Mansion.

He was taken aback.

A town full of modern technology appeared before his eyes!

In his impression, Tiance Mansion should be an ancient mansion or something.

Ancient buildings are everywhere.

But all this subverted Levi’s imagination.

The location of Tiance Mansion turned out to be a modern style!

Never imagined!

It seems that Tiance Mansion is not completely divorced from the modern world, let alone concealed from the world.

They are always staring at the changes in Velador.

I am afraid that the strong inside are also the combination of ancient martial arts and modern technology.

It can even be said that Velador’s strongest modern technology is also in their hands.

They control the strongest combat power!

Has been in control, whether it is the past, the present, or even the future.

Cthulrun saw the strangeness of Levi, and couldn’t help saying: “Sir, see it, this is the power of Tiance Mansion! No one knows how strong they are!”

Standing at the gate of Tiance Mansion.

Levi stomped on the ground: “Levi is here to visit!”

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