The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2146

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Chapter 2146

The great clown did not leave the Empire where sun never sets.

Instead, he came to an old abandoned castle.

The castle was full of weeds, and crows stood on the bare branches.

The crow made a harsh sound, which made people feel flustered and terrified.

When the clown emperor stepped into the abandoned castle, countless bats flew out all over the sky.

At this moment, a blood moon hung in the air.

The moon seemed to be dripping blood.

Everything seems unusual.

Soon after, the clown emperor came out of the castle carrying a metal coffin.

It is basically the same as the previous one.

This time, the Great Clown transported the coffin to the airport.

Then he left again.

Go to an experimental base.

To be precise, it is a place guarded by countless ancient strong men.

After the great clown arrived, he started to k!ll.

k!ll from start to finish.

Massacre the entire base.

It turned out that this experimental base was guarding a metal coffin.

However, unlike the previous two, this coffin was connected to a tube and directly connected to the coffin.

They are experimenting with the contents of the coffin.

But in the end, he was carried away by the clown.

This coffin was sent directly to Golden Harbor Island in Velador as a cargo.

The great clown did not stop.

He finally came to the northernmost area of ​​Western Continent, where there are ice and snow, and ice fields everywhere.

He found another metal coffin deep in an ice field.

He carried the metal coffin and left step by step.

Finally, the metal coffin was thrown in the heart of the empire that never sets.

After doing all this, the Great Clown smiled: “Everything is under the control of the Lab of gods! Destroy it!!!”

Only then did he leave contentedly.

Completed the task assigned to him by the man in the suit.

God knows what kind of disaster these four coffins will bring…

The cruise ship departs from the Empire of the Sun to the Kangaroo Country in the South.

This way will dock in many countries and regions.

After all, this is a tourist route.

The coffin was loaded in the cargo hold.

Soon after, several crew members came to check the cargo and check for leaks.

As soon as they entered the cabin, several crew members felt the eerie and the extreme temperature.

“This…this is velador’s…”

Everyone couldn’t help but shudder.

But they still count the goods.

“Boom boom boom…”

However, there was a dull noise at this time, and something was shaking vigorously.

Several people gathered together, their eyes locked on a huge wooden box.

It was shaking here.

“What’s inside? Is there a living thing?”

“And this box is not ours, right? I don’t remember it!”


Everyone was puzzled.

The bottom of their hearts became more and more flustered.

“Go and open it!”

Several people pulled out their weapons, and one of them slowly stepped forward and tried to open the wooden box.


As the wooden box opened, a metal coffin was exposed in front of everyone.

Everyone was shocked.

When did a coffin appear here?

How is this going?

Everyone was frightened and sweated.

“Is it moving just now?”

Someone asked a terrifying question.


“Immediately notify the captain and tell him what’s going on here!”

Everyone was just about to leave.

At this moment, the metal coffin suddenly burst into a terrible suction.

All seven or eight crew members were sucked away.

“Flap, pop, pop…”

Seven or eight people were attached to the metal coffin.



They let out a screaming scream. Their bodies quickly shriveled.

The blood was all absorbed by the coffin.

In the end, seven or eight mummified c0rpses fell to the ground, and their deaths were terrible, and the blood was sucked up.


The coffin shook very badly.

The symbol above turned out to be dazzling after being injected with blood.


Finally, the coffin burst open…

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