The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2168

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Chapter 2168

Hearing Levi like this, everyone laughed instead.

It seemed that what Levi did was a stupid thing.

“Levi, you too can overestimate yourself, right?”

“I really think you can take people away here?”

“You really don’t know how deep the water of the Holy Tribe Organization is, you can’t grasp it!”


The eighteen dark angels all smiled.

Not angry at all about Levi’s use of them.

Because in their opinion, Levi couldn’t take Sarah with him.

“I understand what you mean. When you get here, you will know where Sarah is! But have you ever thought that when you get here, you will never get out, I will keep you here all the time!”

“You think you are in control, but you don’t know that you have fallen into my trap! I deliberately let them bring you here!”

Dark god said with a smile.


Levi’s face changed abruptly.

“I can’t control you outside! But when you get here, you can’t escape!”

Dark god laughed.


Suddenly, there was a movement of shaking mountains, and a black door rumbling down.

Everything here is closed.

What Levi and Cthulrun didn’t know was that another metal wall rose outside the castle, enclosing the entire castle!


The Dark god gave an order, and the eighteen dark angels quickly retreated.

Don’t know where they went.

In the dark castle, there are only Levi and Cthulrun.

As for the Dark god, don’t know where he is.

Judging from the previous voices, the Dark god seems to be everywhere.

On the mountains in the distance, it seemed to be beside Levi.


“Levi starts from this moment, you will be trapped here forever! Until you sincerely want to join the Holy Tribe organization!”

The Dark god left a word and disappeared.

There was no more movement.

“We seem to be fooled! This old guy just wants to trap us!”

Cthulrun said in surprise.

Levi looked icy: “Look for an exit first!”

Levi and Cthulrun began to look for an exit.

The entire castle is the size of four football fields. The two searched it, and they were surprised to find it.

The whole place is more like a big square cage!

There is no exit at all.

There are smooth and flat metal walls everywhere!

The previous doors are gone!

This is an agency!!!

But there is no trace of any mechanism inside!

Levi and Cthulrun realized that this was a mechanism, and they hurriedly searched for it.

“Levi is not struggling! This place has no organs! Neither inside nor outside can be opened! The only way is to break the wall!

“As long as you agree to join the Holy Tribe organization, I will break it myself!”

The voice of the Dark god came again.

“I know you will struggle for a while! Enjoy!”

The Dark god completely disappeared this time.


Soon Levi and Cthulrun gave up.

This is a metal fortress.

There are no traces of gaps!

“For today’s plan, I can only use my fist to get out of this ghost place and go out!”

Levi wanted to see Sarah’s eagerness, so he raised his fist and slammed out.


With this punch, the entire castle was in a sensation, and the entire mountain range was shaking.

There was a wave of air!

But the wall in front of Levi didn’t move.


The Cthulrun also concentrated his strength to bombard.

The walls are motionless.

Levi was like crazy.

“Boom boom boom…”

A fist hit the wall, but the surrounding mountains were destroyed.

The walls are still fine.

Only a few shallow fist marks are left!

The same goes for the Cthulrun, no matter how you hit it, the wall will not move.

“The Art of Taboo!!!”

Levi even used the taboo technique of fingering.

To pierce the wall with one finger!

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