The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2169

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Chapter 2169

This is a method that concentrates all power on one burst!

Levi is going to break the wall!


This finger is terrifying!

But it’s still useless!

It just leaves a slightly deeper mark on the wall.

But this metal wall is a metre thick!

This little bit is ignored.

What’s more frightening is that there is a thicker metal shell on the outer layer of the metal wall.

It’s not worth mentioning.

The most important thing is that Levi punched the inner wall, and the power was transmitted to the outer wall and dissipated.

The inner and outer walls are designed to eliminate power.

It was equivalent to Levi’s punch, the inner and outer walls did not receive any force at all, but were eliminated by the designed device.

Only a little mark can be left on the inner wall.

Levi and Cthulrun were anxious.

Hit it with a punch.

Don’t know how many punches they smashed.

Both of them are tired.

But the wall still doesn’t move!

The fist marks are also shallow.

Basically, it can be ignored!

Both stopped.

“What kind of metal is this wall? My power won’t deform after hitting it?”

Levi was surprised.

The most frightening thing is that he can’t use the taboo technique.

This mountain that lies in front of him can’t use any means for it!

This made Levi very disappointed and surprised.

Taboo techniques are not easy to use?

This this this…

In his concept, the use of real taboos is invincible.

But now the taboo technique is not easy to use!

This is desperate!

The taboo technique he had always relied on didn’t work anymore, which made Levi’s heart complicated.

Cthulrun also shook his head: “I don’t know! It may be a special metal! This is too hard! We tried all kinds of ways to hurt nothing!”

Cthulrun touched the shallow fistprints: “At this speed, we are beating day and night, it is estimated that it will take ten years! But then we will all be exhausted!”

“A direct attack won’t work, we have to find a way!”

Levi sat on the ground and sneered: “It’s useless to think of a way! This is not a mechanism! The God of Darkness has long thought of it!”

“The only way is to have enough power to destroy everything!”

“At present, our strength is not enough! We need to practice!”

He needs to improve now, to the ultimate state.

Blast this place with the strongest force!


Levi was impatient to save Sarah and immediately began to retreat.

Cthulrun can only protect Levi.

He actually wants to find those ancient races to help.

But who can he find here?

The news can’t get out either.


Outside, the Dark god and the Eighteen Dark Angels were looking at Levi.

“Then let him practice in retreat?”

Underworld god asked.

“Don’t worry, he is just holding Buddha’s feet temporarily! He is worried about Sarah, and soon he will not be able to hold it! Wait! Sooner or later he will surrender to me!”

The Dark god smiled.



Levi just disappeared.

No one knows where he went.

The last clue was in Kangaroo Country.

Only a few people in Tiance Mansion knew about it.

Of course, everyone else thought that Levi was dying.

Golden Harbor Island he did not die, but died in Star Country.

The marshal Tiance sent someone to find it, but there was no information.

The gambling kings also sent many people to look for it, but they could not find it.

Even those ancient races who had seen Levi were looking for him.

Can not be found.


Levi has completely disappeared!

Three months.

Half a year.

A full year has passed.

There was still no news from Levi, and he never appeared again.

Levi did not come out again and again to grab the credit of Tiance Mansion.

During the year, Velador encountered many threats and incidents.

But it was all resolved by Tiance Mansion.

Never saw him appear again…

“Disappeared! The big living person has disappeared…”

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