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Chapter 2170

This makes everyone incredible.

It would be nice to say if Levi was dead, but they knew they he was not dead.

This guy disappeared for a whole year.

This is unscientific!

According to Levi’s previous acting style, even if he disappeared, he would silently guard Velador.

Always protect Velador, eliminate foreign enemies again and again, against the laboratory of the gods.

But not this year!

Wesley and the others did not receive any signal from Levi.


Levi has completely disappeared!

Colin prayed that Levi was still alive.

They all want to know what Levi did?

Why did he disappear?

No one knows now.

Aubrey and Ollie may know.

But how many ancestors are there, who dares to ask?

Finally, marshal Tiance visited the female warrior in person.

For his face, the female warrior asked Aubrey and Ollie to see him.

But the two didn’t know what he was doing.

It’s just to reunite the whole family.

Marshal Tiance didn’t take it seriously, only when Levi was about to die.


For Tiance Mansion, it is the same whether there is Levi or not.

Look, this hasn’t been in Levi’s year.

They can solve anything by themselves.

There is no need for Levi.

But in the year when Levi disappeared.

The world has changed too much.

Warriors, superpowers, and Lords of spells are not uncommon.

And more and more, many ordinary people have also stepped into this ranks.

Almost everyone has to know something in order to adapt to this era.

The strong come out!

Various powerhouses have risen together, and various modern science and technology laboratories have also emerged.

The signs of the ancient races are becoming more and more obvious.

The emergence of ancient races is no surprise.

The four blood ancestors summoned by the laboratories of the gods unexpectedly merged, and they unified the blood races scattered in various places.

A powerful ancient race appeared.

It is said that the enemies of the blood race have also emerged.

As for the laboratory of the gods, it is getting stronger and stronger.

And Emperor’s organization gradually showed its domineering posture.

Velador’s God of War Industry has developed rapidly in accordance with the times. When these discoveries are made by the gods’ laboratory, God of War Industry has grown into a super hegemon!

All aspects have been developed to the top level!

In particular, God of War Industry combines Velador ancient martial arts with modern technology and gene technology to create a unique powerhouse.

It can even combine modern technology with Velador’s spells.

The effect is remarkable!

There are also modern technological mechas and ancient organ techniques that can also be combined…

These are the results that even the Lab of gods envy.

The laboratories of the gods, large and small, have acted more than twenty times, and want to get this technology in hand.

But it was either blocked by God of War Industry or Tiance Mansion.

Originally, these were all made by Levi.

But Levi hadn’t appeared before, so they were very puzzled.

This is unscientific!

How could Levi not appear.

How did he disappear!


But all parties in the world are changing too fast.

Corresponding to the God of War industry in Velador, Maya industry appeared in the West.

Stronger than ever!!!

But Maya Industry did not appear suddenly.

It has been prepared for a long time.

It is said that the preparation of this Industry is the successor of the super financial family.

This kind of hidden tycoons disdains to participate in various lists.

Instead, they have more money, control more forces, and more resources…


The various forces fought indiscriminately in order to grab resources.

Resources similar to the Sunstone are now being snatched wildly.

It is no longer enjoyed by the family of the gods’ laboratory.

In short, the whole world is getting stronger.

Instead, the war has continued…

Almost every day.

The weaker ones can only be swallowed.

Some time ago, maybe everyone was forbearing, but a year later, they all let go…

The war was fought, and the heroes came together…

One by one, famous people all appeared…

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