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Chapter 2194

With this response, the Evil god Cthulrun waited for two years.

Finally heard Levi’s voice.

Levi opened his eyes and stood up after speaking.

“More than two years!”

Levi sighed.

The Fire Cloud Cthulhu rekindled hope and looked at Levi excitedly.

Judging from the breath that had just escaped, he was full of confidence in Levi.

“Sir, can you open it?”

Cthulrun’s voice was obviously trembling.

Levi smiled: “Let me try!”

“Stand behind me!”

The evil god Cthulrun stood behind Levi when he heard the words.


He smiled, raised his fist, and blasted out a flat punch.

But this seemingly ordinary punch has the power to surpass the limit of time and strength!

Unpretentiousness is the highest state!

This is Levi’s pursuit of ultimate speed and strength for two years of retreat!

This punch seemed ordinary, but it was Levi’s answer sheet for more than two years of retreat!


The trembling sound of time and space came from the ears of the evil god Cthulrun, feeling the terrible fluctuations, and this punch actually became progressively stronger.

There was a wave of anger!

Cthulrun found out in shock that Levi’s fist hadn’t hit the wall yet.

The wall felt the terrible energy spread, and it was deformed and recessed in it.

This deformation is getting more and more severe!


Until Levi slammed up, Cthulrun’s ears were deaf, his eyes were blurred, and his brain consciousness was blank.

This punch seemed to beat the world into a state of chaos.

Let the soul of Cthulrun evil god pull away…

When Levi hit it down with a punch, lightning raged in the air outside.



The wall in front of Levi and Cthulrun shattered!


The metal wall immediately outside was all shattered!

Levi’s vision widened.


“Kacha Kacha…”

The entire dark cage was shattered inch by inch, and in the end, the entire dark cage was blown to pieces.

There is nothing left.

With Levi’s punch, the world collapsed, and the sun and the moon reversed.

The dark cage was directly destroyed.

Although there is a device for transforming energy between the two metal walls of the dark cage, most of the power you play will be transformed, and the metal wall will not be hurt at all.

However, this conversion device also has an upper limit. When the upper limit is reached, there will be energy that cannot be converted.

Even the transformation device will explode…

Now Levi’s punch is too strong and too strong!

Strong enough to shock the world!

Directly exceed the upper limit and tolerance of the conversion device.


The instant transformation device bursts into pieces, directly turning into nothingness.

If the transformation device fails, then the two metal walls are directly bombarded by force.

Therefore, all the power of Levi’s punch hit the two walls, which caused the two walls to burst.

With Levi’s punch, the red blood cloud outside was directly dispersed.

The complex mountains also split in the middle.

The dense fog not far away has all been dissipated…

With a punch, this place of purgatory was beaten into the blue sea and blue sky!

This is Levi’s current strength!

The dark cage that the Dark god could only open with his powerful strength and the magical sword was blasted open by Levi.



The Cthulrun did not respond for a long time.

It feels like the soul is separated from the body…

He died again.

Too fucking strong.

How can there be such a strong person?

Although Cthulrun had seen Levi’s master, he had even seen his shots.

But Levi was not as shocked!

He even thinks that Levi is stronger than his master now.

The Fire Cloud Cthulhu lay on the ground, breathing heavily, feeling the blue sky and white clouds.

It’s been a long time!

The outside world is so good!

Levi also looked up to the sky and roared: “god of darkness, you can’t hold me down! I’m Levi out!!!”

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