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Chapter 2195

Levi was trapped for so long for the first time.

More than three years!

It feels so good to see the sun again! ! !

Cthulrun laughed, looked at Levi and asked: “Sir, what is your current strength?”

Cthulrun only knew that this dark prison was difficult to break, but he didn’t know how terrifying it was.

Levi shook his head: “I don’t know, but I know I am strong! I feel like I can punch the world through with my full punch!”

“This stuff can’t hold you down, I don’t know how strong you are!”

Cthulrun was amazed.

Suddenly Levi and Cthulrun looked at each other.

They realized a serious problem-where did the Dark god and the people from the Bible Organization go?

Why is there no news?

Just now, I almost knocked the world down with a punch. Why didn’t the people of the Bible organization move at all?


“Go, go and see!”

Levi and the evil god Cthulrun rushed to the castle that had already destroyed half of the Bible organization next to them.

After the two entered, they found that there was no one here.

There are no gasping creatures!

“Mr. Judging from the various traces, no one here has been for a long time! It seems that a large-scale migration has occurred!”

Cthulrun said after observing.

Levi’s eyes lit up: “The probability is that the Bible organization has gone to other places, and we are abandoned by the dark god! It is estimated that he will not surrender to him! It is like a dark cage, keeping me forever!”

Levi quickly analyzed the reason why the Bible organization left.

“But you didn’t expect it? I came out!”

“Let’s go! Let’s go back!”

Levi couldn’t wait to go back.

More than three years.

How is your family member?

How are you brothers?

He was very anxious.

Where did Sarah go by the Bible organization.

Anxious to death!

Here Levi broke the dark cage.

If it had been some time ago, the Dark god would have foreseen it.

It was during the period when Cthulrun went mad, he felt it, and he left something behind.

But now he has completely abandoned the dark prison.

In his concept, Levi can’t come out forever, and this dark cage has no value anymore.

Throw it out like garbage!

So now even if Levi smashed the dark cage and turned this world of purgatory into a blue sea and blue sky, the Dark god hadn’t noticed it.

He thought that Levi could never come out.

Levi and Cthulrun rushed all the way.

There is still one night before the birth of the Heavenly Sword.

The depths of the ice field in the northern boundary of Great Xia were full of people, and there were battles everywhere, killing them so dimly.

And at the highest point of this snow-capped mountain range.

Almost half of Tiance Mansion, Kunlun Industry, and the powerhouses they belong to have already arrived.

The remaining half are lurking around in advance.

Although the strong from all over the world have come to grab it.

But after all, this is Velador, the home of Tiance Mansion.

Marshal must deploy everything in advance.

“Not only the Tiance Mansion, but the Trex clan, I also mobilized the strong to help out! There are also the top ten powers of Velador, except for the Garrison Clan Salen, I have contacted the other nine powers! Let’s make the Heaven Sword together. Stay in Velador!”

Marshal smiled.

The Common Killer also nodded: “Yes, Velador’s forces will not distinguish you from me! The Heavenly Sword only needs to stay in Velador!”

“No, even if you say so! But can you and I rest assured that the Heavenly Sword falls into the hands of others? Owning the Heavenly Sword will become the biggest threat! It’s easy to be overwhelmed!”

“Especially if Garrison Clan Salen gets the Heavenly Sword, he will not even look at the Tiance Mansion! Let him get it, and Velador will have a bloody storm! Even it is difficult for us to stop him! He slapped him, I know his strength!”

Marshal Tiance began to give examples.

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