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Chapter 2196

Many people nodded: “Yes, that’s right! If this Heavenly Sword falls into the hands of lunatics like Salen! Putting aside the country’s honor and shame, the Heavenly Sword is more threatening in the hands of people like Salen!”

“Yes, Velador’s top ten forces seem to be cooperating with us, but in fact they all have ghosts in their hearts! When the Heavenly Sword reaches this group of people, it will be an endless disaster! Even we may not be able to stop it!”

The horse head god of Tiance Mansion said even more: “Yes! To put it bluntly, the Heavenly Sword is also righteous and evil! Some people have it in the hands of a divine weapon to protect the people! But in the hands of Salen these people, it is an evil weapon that is charcoal! “

Other gods said: “But how to define good and evil? We don’t know! Maybe Salen won’t be a threat, but a blessing. I don’t know this!”

“But there is absolutely danger! But we don’t know where the danger comes from! We can only eliminate everything from the source!”

Marshal glanced at everyone, then agreed: “The best way to prevent everything is to control the Heavenly Sword in our hands! This is the most correct way!”

The four great gods also said one after another: “Yes! In order to prevent this danger! We just control the Heavenly Sword in our own hands!”

Alton Wesley and Common Killer were stunned.

Obviously, it was the Marshal of Tiance who wanted to take the Heavenly Sword as his own, but he said it so high-sounding.

But having said that, if the Heavenly Sword was in the hands of Marshal, it would be good.

At least the Marshal received the Heavenly Sword without causing disaster, and even more able to protect Velador.

So they won’t say anything.

Support Marshal of Tiance to get the sky sword!

“But Marshal! There are too many forces to snatch the Heaven Sword this time, especially the master Ruyun! Can we really do it?”

Alton asked.

“Yes, not to mention the big foreign forces, even Salen is very difficult to deal with! We are not sure, are we?”

Wesley asked a sharp question.

Most strong people sighed.


Not sure!

Especially Salen once had a slap against the Marshal!

Did not pay attention to Tiance Mansion in the slightest.

Not to mention so many other forces.

Even some horror guys who have been hidden from the world are here.

As a result, it is even more uncertain.

It’s not that you can win if you want to win the Heaven Sword!

This requires strength!

For everyone’s questions, the young marshal Tiance and the four great gods all smiled mysteriously.

“You may not know that three years ago, Marshal was in danger and came out of retreat! He had been in retreat somewhere before!”

Others explained.

Alton quickly reacted: “Could it be this place, right?”

Marshal nodded: “Well, I’ve been retreating here before! But I didn’t find the Heavenly Sword here at that time! But I should be nourished by the Heavenly Sword!”

“This place is my father, that is, god Commander Tiance brought me to retreat! He probably knows that the Heavenly Sword is here! But in order not to cause confusion, he didn’t tell me!”

“It should be me going out, letting it loose, and letting the resource mining team discover the existence of the Heavenly Sword!”

“so it is!”

Everyone now understands what’s going on.

Marshal smiled: “I retreat in this place for too long, no one is more familiar with this place! Coming here is like coming to the world under my control! So I have an advantage over anyone! Anyone I will not be afraid! Including Salen and his ilk!”

“Plus your assistance! The Heavenly Sword must be ours!”

When he came to the place where he had been in retreat for a long time, the young master Tiance had a mystery of confidence.

Heavenly Sword is bound to win!

“In addition, Sarah and his ilk will come too! k!ll them all by then, leaving none!”

A brutal touch flashed across the face of the young marshal Tiance.

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