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Chapter 2210

Everyone stared at Levi with scarlet eyes.

No matter who he is?

As long as he blocks the way.

Then k!ll without mercy!

Heavenly Sword!

For the Heavenly Sword!

Everyone has a heavenly sword in their minds.

Marshal was silent.

What he has to do now is to k!ll Sarah Baojun.

Indirectly is to protect the Heavenly Sword!

Salen even urged everyone: “Attention everyone, if you want to get the Heaven Sword, you must get rid of the person in front of you!”

“k!ll k!ll k!ll!!!”

Everyone is crazy, shouting together.


They are crazy!

Everyone is lost…

Although the heavenly sword is the sword of the sun!

But at this time, it is evil!

It confuses everyone’s minds, drives everyone crazy, makes the world flow into rivers, bones into mountains…

What is this not evil thing?

If the Heavenly Sword is not unearthed, these problems will not exist.

“Heavenly Sword! Heavenly Sword! You are all crazy for the Heavenly Sword!”

Levi shouted dissatisfied.


As soon as the voice fell, he turned into a flash of lightning and appeared in front of Marshal.

Levi grabbed the Heavenly Sword.

Marshal Tiance reacted and wanted to block Levi.

But he was empty.

His hands were even more empty, and the Heaven Sword was gone.


Levi’s speed was unexpected, he transcended a limit, and was beyond the cognition of the young master of Tiance.

Obviously it seems slow, he can react, he can block it.

But it happened to be half a beat slow.

This is the peerless expert.

The most terrifying thing is-this place can be controlled by Marshal of Tiance.

In the place where he retreats, everyone is restricted, and he can’t display his full strength.

All aspects are greatly discounted, even Salen and his ilk are no exception.

But after encountering Levi, nothing worked.

Levi ignored everything, and easily grabbed something from Marshal.

With such a flash of effort, the Heavenly Sword was in Levi’s hands.


After the Heavenly Sword reached Levi’s hands, it began to tremble, becoming more and more intense, making a sound.




The terrifying aura of the Heavenly Sword seemed to have been completely released, and the aura of silence began to gush out.

Everyone felt a killing intent of destruction!

That is the fear from the depths of the soul!

Everyone was forced to retreat.

Everyone has a feeling: If the Heavenly Sword at this moment releases its sword energy, it is estimated that everyone will be beheaded.


That’s right!

Everyone present!

Including Salen and his ilk could not stop the horror of this sword!

The real power of the Heavenly Sword was urged!


Everyone was shocked.


Salen swallowed fiercely as he retreated.

The current Heavenly Sword was when the murderous aura was the heaviest, and he also felt a little scared.

Young Master Tiance was even more dumbfounded.

Why did the Heavenly Sword get into Levi’s hands, it was completely aroused, and it truly showed horror.

The sky sword in front, although terrifying, felt that everyone present could control it.

But after the terrifying power of the current Heavenly Sword came out.

I feel that no one can control it!

Including Marshal and Salen.

The breath of the sword can hurt them!

A group of strong men in the dark also said one after another: “Sure enough, the Heavenly Sword can be used by the Great god! Only then can it exert its true power!”

The ancestors are also discussing.

“Did you see it? The sky sword in the hands of a real strong man is like this! I saw that person use it back then, it was so terrifying!”

Said the female ancestor.

“Do you think this person is just for the heavenly sword?”

An ancestor said.

“Yes! He might not be here to save people! He is for the Heavenly Sword! Only the Heavenly Sword can exert its greatest power in his hands!”

Everyone reacted immediately.

But they all misunderstood Levi.

Levi got the Heaven Sword not to get it, but to…

Destroy it!

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