The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2211

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Chapter 2211

“It turns out that he didn’t save people! He came for the Heavenly Sword!”

At this moment, everyone thinks so.

Even Aubery and Sarah think so.

I thought it was to save them.

Now it looks like it’s here to snatch the Heavenly Sword…

Young Master Tiance and Salen were also dumbfounded.

Came to grab the Heavenly Sword?

Now that the Heavenly Sword is exerting its true power in his hands, this is definitely to grab the Heavenly Sword!

Everyone thinks so.

And Levi was too invincible.

Now that he has the Heavenly Sword, he is even more invincible. How can other people fight?


The trembling of the Heavenly Sword became more and more intense.

The breath is getting more and more terrifying, covering the sky and the sun, covering every corner.


In the eyes of everyone, the Heavenly Sword was in Levi’s hands, feeling the strength of the strong, it was excited.

This is equivalent to a resonance!

The Heavenly Sword is just like a human being, and it truly reaches the hands of someone who can control it.

Can you not be excited?

But how do you know that Heavenly Sword is not excited, it is scared.

Because it felt a kind of suppression!

“Since the Heavenly Sword makes blood flow into a river, and the souls are charred! Return the artifact? It is an evil thing! What do you keep this evil thing for?”

Levi shouted.

Holding the sky sword in his left hand!

His right hand stretched out two fingers and tapped on the body of the sky sword.


With a sound, everyone lost their ears and their brains went blank!

It seems that everyone is deaf, and the brain is shattered.


A mushroom cloud that can only be formed by the explosion of a super weapon rises in the air.

A terrible shock wave dispersed.

Destroy everything protruding around instantly…



But the most frightening thing was that everyone saw that the Heavenly Sword instantly shattered under the knock of Levi’s two fingers, and cracks appeared.


In the end, the Heavenly Sword fell apart and broke into dregs…


The Heaven Sword is gone like this!

The Heavenly Sword was knocked off by Levi’s two fingers…

crazy! ! !

Everyone is crazy at this moment! ! !


It is definitely the most shocking and terrifying thing they have seen in their entire life!

none of them!

Someone actually smashed the world’s most powerful artifact, the Heavenly Sword, with two fingers…

This this this…


Unspeakably powerful!

This is completely beyond everyone’s cognitive concept.

When everyone was still thinking about how to snatch the heavenly sword and let the heavenly sword exert greater power.

Someone can destroy the Heavenly Sword…

This is unimaginable!

What kind of strength does this have?

The first person in history, right?

Sarah’s mother and daughter were dumbfounded,

Salen was dumbfounded.

Marshal was dumbfounded.

Everyone is going crazy.

Everyone who was observing in the dark also had numb scalp, which was about to split.



This is not a question of whether it is strong or not.

This is a question of a higher latitude! ! !

Is he not a human? ? ?

No matter how the current times change, how many ancient races have emerged, and to what extent has modern technology and gene technology developed.

But this level has never been seen before.

Various organizations have made evaluations, and at present, the Heaven Sword is the number one artifact.


The Heavenly Sword in the front also showed a terrifying side, easily tearing Sarah’s body’s first defensive artifact, the Emperor’s Battle Armor.

But now the Heavenly Sword was broken with two fingers.

If everyone hadn’t witnessed the whole process of the birth of the Heavenly Sword, they would have thought it was a fake just now.

How could the Heavenly Sword be knocked off by two fingers?

Not to mention that no one believed it, that is, no one believed everything that was there and witnessed.


Everything is so dreamy!

Everyone is like dreaming…

Not true!

Everything is too unreal!

Don’t talk about these people, the Cthulrun who knew Levi’s strength was going crazy.

“Fuck???? Is this the fuck???”

This Heavenly Sword is more fragile than the dark cage…

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