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Chapter 2212

But in fact, it is not a question of who is fragile with the Dark Cage and the Heavenly Sword!

It is because of Levi!

Terribly strong!


The ancestors in the dark swallowed wildly and were shocked by the scene before them.

At first they felt that Levi still had the power to fight.

But after the sword of the day was broken, they shut themselves down.

They understand that no matter how powerful they are, it is impossible to break the heavenly sword.

The comparison between them and the sky sword is complementary.

The Heavenly Sword can almost exert its greatest power in their hands.

To put it bluntly, Heavenly Sword is equal to them.

But the person in front of him was directly above the sky sword, so he could break the sky sword.

Not one latitude!


Everyone present was silent.

All the strong, including those in the dark, were silent.

What kind of existence did they encounter?

Smash the first artifact Heavenly Sword with bare hands with two fingers!

This is definitely the first person!

What god list?

As soon as this one appeared, he was above the gods’ list.

He can slaughter the gods with a single shot.

Let me put it this way!

Putting this person on the list of gods is the biggest insult to him!

Because Shenbang can’t describe his power at all!

The so-called god list means that the strong on the list are close to gods, or describe like gods.

But this one in front of you is “god”!

Above all else!

Fortunately, they thought that Levi was here to grab the Heavenly Sword…

Now think about it, I am too ignorant…

How could something like Heaven Sword be worthy of him?

After breaking the Heavenly Sword into pieces, Levi smiled and said, “You can’t fight if I ruined it!”

The Heavenly Sword was ruined.

But no one feels sorry or otherwise.

Because facing this level of existence, there is nothing else in my mind!

Even the ancestors of Tiance Mansion have no idea…

Too fucking strong!

The thought in many people’s hearts is: Mom, I saw god today!

In front of Levi, the sense of superiority of Salen and Young Master Tiance, the invincible and unconvinced aura was gone.

The person in front of them is so strong that they tremble!

“I took the man away! Do you have any objections?”

Levi wanted to take Aubery and Sarah away, and asked specifically.


Emmons silence!

How can anyone dare to object?

Who dares to say no word?

Isn’t this looking for death?

Who dares to stop him?

These tens of thousands of people are not well-connected to k!ll!

“Okay, no objection, then I will take people away!”

With all eyes in full view, Levi left with Sarah and Aubery.

Tens of thousands of people automatically give way…

Even if Levi took the three of them away for a long time.

Everyone present was silent.


Everyone is a walking dead!

Empty body!

But no soul!

Salen’s expression was frozen, his eyes were hollow, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

Marshal was standing, his mind seemed to be the scene of Levi snatching the Heavenly Sword from him…

Wesley and Alton were short of breath, their eyes were full of madness.

I thought they were strong enough in this era, and they belonged to the top group of people.

But today I really saw the sky and the earth.

They are really small like ants.

What they didn’t expect was that this person was Levi! ! !

Their boss!

Several ancestors were also silent for a long time.

“No, what about Aubery? Where did Aubery go?”

Only then did the female ancestor react.

Aubery is gone.

Other ancestors also reacted.

They left immediately and went to find Aubery.

But Levi took the two of them and didn’t go far, they were nearby.

Levi glanced at where they were hiding.

This surprised several ancestors.

Obviously the other party found them.

Levi discovered it.

But knowing that it was a few ancestors, he did not move.

“Thank you, senior! Dare to ask who is senior?”

Aubery asked respectfully.

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