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Chapter 2234

That person is also Levi!

Are you better than him as an individual?

How come tens of thousands of people were slapped and pushed away by others?

Everyone didn’t take Cthulrun seriously.

Levi smiled and said, “I’ll give you another chance to go back to that place by myself! Don’t force me to catch you back by myself!”

Edgar waited for the Garrison family members to stare at Levi: “Levi, you are too presumptuous!!!”

“Do you think it was three years ago? Did you take over my Garrison Clan? Our Garrison Clan originated from the Garrison Clan’s ancient clan! Now the top ten powers! What qualifications do you have to control the Garrison Clan?”

“It’s the end of your own good days! If you violate the ancient house rules of the Garrison clan, you will undoubtedly die!”

The Garrison Clan really hates Levi.

One by one, my eyes are splitting!

The eyes can k!ll people!

Lawrence sneered: “Levi, you want to keep me for a lifetime, you have to have that ability too? Hahaha…”

Immediately, Lawrence said to Salen: “Little Ancestor, this is Levi, the monstrous sinner of the Garrison Clan!”

Salen smiled, and his eyes fell on Levi’s body: “You are Levi! Although you have been missing for three years, your legend has always been there. I often hear people say about you!”

“But I heard that you are doing some utterly conscientious things! k!lled your own brother and banned your father for life! Throwing your family into hell again! You are deceiving your master and destroying your ancestors and destroying your humanity!”

“According to the house rules of the Garrison clan! You should be put to death by Ling Chi! You can only wash away your sins after a thousand swordsmanship!”

Salen’s face changed abruptly, and he sternly scolded.


Levi laughed suddenly.

“Then did they talk about how to mutilate my mother and me back then?”

Levi asked rhetorically.

Lawrence’s face changed slightly.

Everyone at the scene also looked strange.

Everyone basically knows this.

According to the Garrison Family’s cruelty to Levi’s mother and son, Levi’s punishment has been exhausted.

In the final analysis, the Garrison Clan is to blame.

But Salen nodded, “Well, I know.”

“But what’s the specific result? Are you dead? No! Neither did your mother! Not even lack of arms or legs! To put it bluntly, the Garrison Clan has done so much, and your mother and child have not suffered any substantial harm!

But what about the Garrison family? k!lled Xavion, banned his father, and sent the former first family to hell…”

“Levi, this is the truth! What’s more, I tell you that the Garrison Clan treats you mother and child so much to experience you! Since childhood, I have given you the strongest environment! Isn’t this, have you grown up?”


Levi was vomiting blood.

This Salen’s ability to reverse right and wrong is a match for his adoptive father’s family!

Obviously persecuting babies, but they are said to be family experience!


What a shame!

“Levi, you don’t understand the good intentions of your elders, but you bite and don’t know good people! Levi I won’t let you go today! Thousands of Garrison Clan children won’t let you go!”

“Yes! Severe punishment for Levi!”

“Punish Levi severely!”

Everyone in the Garrison Clan shouted together.

Salen waved his hand to signal everyone to be quiet.

“According to the family rules, I should immediately execute Levi! However, the most important thing at the moment is to k!ll the devil Sarah! My family affairs of the Garrison family can be solved later!”

Salen’s high-sounding way.

“Hall Garrison really has an overall view!”

“I will admire it!”

“Plums are dyed! Plums are dyed!”

Everyone started shouting.

More and more forces are also coming.

The villa of Levi was tightly enclosed.

There are three floors inside and three floors outside, all of which are people.

You must know that hundreds of thousands of people came here…

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