The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2235

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Chapter 2235

The whole world’s anger towards Sarah has reached its maximum!

The whole Case York was filled with the sound of crusade against Sarah.

Before the birth of Heavenly Sword, he took Sarah and k!lled him.

But this time it was all dyed from plums…

Even Levi frowned.

I don’t expect things to evolve to such a degree…

It’s getting harder and harder to handle!

Can’t watch Sarah die, right?


“k!ll all of Sarah’s family! k!lled all her children!”

“Killing pays for fate is justified! Sarah k!lled so many people! Everyone related to Sarah should come to pay for their lives!”

“Yes! It’s all here to pay for life!”

The louder and louder the voice, the more people open.

Salen helplessly spread his hands: “Look, we don’t need to do it! Everyone’s spit stars can drown them!”

The evil god Cthulrun glanced at everyone and sneered: “There is a gentleman! Who can k!ll Miss Logan? It’s just wishful thinking!”

“Hahaha, let’s wait and see!”

“Daddy, come here!”

Aubery ran over at this time and called Levi to a remote place.

“What’s wrong with Aubery?”

Levi asked.

“Dad will get messed up for a while, maybe I won’t have a chance to say it! Dad, I have already made a decision!”

Aubery said.

The hearts of the ancestors in the dark followed.

But they are still very confident.

Aubery will definitely choose them.

Levi looked at Aubery lovingly and smiled: “Let’s talk!”

“Dad, Aubery has decided, I gave up what you taught me!”

Upon hearing this, several ancestors cheered and laughed out loud.

But the next moment, their smiles disappeared.

“But I don’t use what the masters taught me!”

The words came out.

Several ancestors were dumbfounded.


what’s the situation?

Is a bowl of water flat?

Levi seemed to understand something. He smiled and said, “So you have to go your own way? Create something by yourself?”

Aubery nodded fiercely: “Yes, Aubery will abandon everything next! Go your own way! Create your own exercises, create everything by yourself! I have a direction now!”

“Well, no matter what you decide, Dad will support you!”

Levi touched Aubery’s head.

With such a high talent, such a good foundation, coupled with a broad vision and rich insights, Levi believes that she can go out of her own way.

After hearing this, several ancestors had the same idea.

“Yes! Aubery should go his own way! We restrict her too much, but will limit her upper limit! She is the most suitable for creating everything!”

“This kid is too smart! Finding a direction that suits him didn’t hurt his father and us!”

Several ancestors were very pleased.

“Aubery, your masters are over there! Go and see them!”

At this moment, Levi pointed at a distance and said to Aubery.


Aubery looked shocked.

She didn’t find out by herself, how did dad find out?

The ancestors in the dark were surprised.

“It seems that Levi knew that he and Sarah could not leave here alive today. He deliberately exposed us and took Aubery away so that she would not be in danger and would not let her see the scene of the death of her parents!”

Several ancestors analyzed.

In fact, they were half right.

Levi just doesn’t want Aubery to participate…

Since Levi has said it all.

Several ancestors did not deliberately conceal it.

They took the initiative to come out.


Aubery ran over immediately.

“It turns out that you have been by Aubery’s side all the time!”

Aubery asked curiously: “By the way, how did Dad find you? Is it possible that Dad’s strength is comparable to that of several masters?”

Aubery began to look forward to it.

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