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Chapter 2236

If my father’s strength can rival several masters, how good would it be?

Dad will not be made fun of, and will not be embarrassed by the enemy.

But after hearing this question, several ancestors all laughed.

“No! Your father’s strength is not comparable to ours, nor is he discovering us! We took the initiative to see him!”

The female ancestor explained what happened.

They only appeared because Levi asked Aubery to give up their practice.

“Oh I got it!”

Aubery’s face quickly faded.

Her hopes were dashed.

She thought that Levi’s strength was comparable to that of several masters.

“Aubery, let’s leave!”

After several masters looked at each other, they decided to “help” Levi to take him away.

“Ah? Aubery is still with mom and dad, mom and dad are in danger, Aubery wants to protect them!”

Aubery’s face is full of determination.

“No, you want to leave! You can’t participate!”

Several ancestors couldn’t help but say that they forcibly took Aubery away.

At this moment, Case York has gathered hundreds of thousands of strong people, and the number is still increasing.

Levi’s villa became the focus.

There are people all around, densely packed with no gaps at all.

The old people before Levi appeared one by one.

The top ten forces of Velador came first.

Levi saw many familiar faces, Sylvia, Asura god of War, Seven Kills and so on.

They are all overlords of one party.

When the god of war saw Levi, his expression was complicated.

But he held his head high.

He had failed miserably against Shang Levi before, and he has been living in the shadow of Levi.

But now he is completely reborn.

Facing Levi, he could finally raise his head and chest.

In fact, his heart is very refreshing!

He worked hard for several years, just waiting for this moment, just to prove that he was better than Levi.

Now he just glanced at Levi and he understood.

Levi’s strength stood still.

And he was already soaring.

There is no need to compare!


I finally proved myself!

The god of war is breathing fast, his eyes are fiery at this moment.

Levi glanced at him and said with a smile: “Not bad!”

Compared to Bellard, Alton and the others, Levi admired the Shura god of War.

Because the strength in his body is pure!

Although it is also a quick method, it can be adjusted later.

The god of War Shura looked at Levi with a complicated expression: “I could have waited for you to catch up! But you are sad today! I hope you can get through it!”

He actually hopes that Levi will be alive today, and then strive to chase after him…

Sylvia and the others also simply communicated with Levi.

All of them were secretly refreshed in their hearts.

They all stood up in front of Levi.

The hostile forces or Levi once defeated even more.

They all came to see how Levi was doing.

“Haha, I heard that the Kunlun god of War has been trapped for three years, and his strength has remained the same three years ago!”

“What’s wrong with Levi? The whole world is improving, why have you stopped moving forward?”

“You can beat you by anyone now!”

“Now there is the technology of simulating battles! We have all simulated fighting against you, and you have lost terribly!”

These old opponents and enemies were so excited to die when they saw Levi now.

“To be honest, you can’t be our opponent at Levi now! You are too weak! It’s too boring to pick you as your opponent!”

Everyone ridiculed Levi crazy.

How ruthless Levi was oppressed at the beginning, now how crazy he is to vent.

“Hey! The world is like this! When you are at the peak, everyone is afraid of you! But when you are down, those people once stepped on it!”

Someone tells a fact.

Facing the ridicule of hundreds of thousands of people, Levi said faintly: “I have only one opponent from beginning to end-the laboratory of the gods. You are not worthy!”

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