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Chapter 2259

The sound of metal cracking is wonderful!

Especially at this moment.

It’s more beautiful!


Then there was a huge movement of the sky collapsing and the earth sinking.

The clouds in the sky were completely swept away, forming an air wave circle with a radius of at least tens of thousands of meters.

Suddenly spread!

The terrible atmosphere continued to spread, and all creatures in the sky were crushed and destroyed.

The sea area where the small island is located was forced to disperse, exposing the bottom.

The surrounding port and shore triggered a tsunami-like horror scene!

The power of this punch is too great.

At this moment, even the communication information of several countries around was affected.

The base station fails, the grid is paralyzed…

Many technologies have failed.

Half of the Western Continent is in chaos!

Just because of a punch!

People who don’t know think that a force organization has invented a destructive weapon…

Unprecedentedly powerful!

In this era, what kind of powerhouse, what kind of weapon everyone has never seen.

The weapon that can instantly paralyze half of the Western Continent is unique!


There is no such a strong…

Do not!

One time count!

The strong man who knocked off the Heaven Sword with two fingers when the Heaven Sword was born!

he can!

Other than that, no more!

Now this movement is too big, right?

But this was not the birth of a new weapon, it was just the aftermath of Levi’s punch.

On the island.

Levi blasted out with a punch, and the first artifact, the knife, broke and became two halves…


The Dark god felt the terrifying power, and was directly shocked to vomit blood, and everything in the body was destroyed at this moment.

That force annihilated everything.

Destroy everything!

To be exaggerated, no matter what is in front of you, as long as you suffer from this force, you will be shattered!

Heavenly swords and swords are easy, let alone people!


What is even more frightening is that the half-cut knife held by the Dark god shattered at this moment…


Extremely horrified!

Since the Heavenly Sword was smashed to pieces by two fingers, the same-famous Earth Sword was also smashed to pieces with one punch!

This world is crazy!

Everything that no one dared to imagine happened at this moment.

However, the shock continued.




Thousands of people remaining in the field burst into pieces one by one.

is still there! ! !

Blood rain!

There was a rain of blood in front of the god of Darkness, showering the god of Darkness over and over again.

In the end, except for the Underworld god, everyone else died.

“They voted for death. It has nothing to do with me. I just obeyed their will and sent them to see god!”

Levi said lightly.

The remaining Underworld Gods are going crazy.

They make out-of-control sounds…

I can’t cry anymore…

Scared to pee?

Has been scared to pee seven or eight times!

The pants are soaked…


They have never seen this kind of madness!

This is more terrible than death!

They had long wanted to die like the rest of the dark angels.

But Levi kept them, allowing them to see the whole process.

Watching the death of one person after another, seeing the sword breaking, seeing the Dark god defeated…

The Dark god felt empty at this moment, and his body did not belong to him.

The dark god looked at Levi incredulously.

“you you you……”

The dark god was so excited that he couldn’t speak.

The meaning of the dark god is that you broke the sky sword with two fingers! You opened the dark prison yourself!

“The reason why I didn’t smash you with a punch! That’s because I want you to know everything before you die!”

Levi smiled.

“Wrong! Wrong! Everything is my fault!”

The Dark god shouted in horror.

Say something strange to Levi.

But Levi didn’t care either.

With a single move, the mask of the Dark god fell off…

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