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Chapter 2260

Seeing the face of the Dark god, Levi, Ming Xie Shane and others were all shocked.


It’s incredible!


The Dark god turned out to be a woman!

Everyone thinks that the dark god is a man!

Turns out a woman!


It’s too ridiculous!

Just because she is a woman, and Sarah has seen her real face, she is very convinced.

But Levi was also aware of the fact that she was a woman.

The earth sword can merge into the realm of the unity of nature and man, and it must be a woman.

In addition, when the Dark god said that Tiance Mansion was handsome, his tone was a little bit resentful.

This shows that there is a story…

Before a few people were shocked.

The body of the dark god exploded suddenly!

The power left by Levi’s punch broke out completely in her body at this moment…

Infinite questions…

Filled with the minds of the Underworld god and several of them.

But Levi didn’t care much!

Who is the Dark god, and what does it have to do with the superintendent of Tiance Mansion? It’s a matter of him.

Anyway, he has revenge!

k!ll it!

Dyeing for himself and for plum.

The dark god fell.

Levi’s eyes gradually fell on the underworld gods…

The evil gods were frightened mad, but now they calmly looked at Levi.

Anyway, it’s a death.

They also want to be relieved now.

More than 4,000 people died, not a few of them.

“Do you know why I kept you to the end?”

Levi asked.

“No… I don’t know…”

Everyone shook their heads.

“Because you are valuable! I want to control the Bible organization! I want to become the new dark god!”

Levi was playing with the half-god and half-devil mask.

The Dark god has never seen her face, and those who have been following the Dark god have never seen her face.

Not to mention that the Dark god is actually a woman.

Now the true dark god is gone.

So everyone can be the god of Darkness.

As long as he has the strength of the dark god, Levi is much stronger than the dark god.

He came to be the god of darkness, and he couldn’t find it.

Before coming, Levi wanted to destroy the Bible organization directly.

But after I came, I discovered that the Bible Organization actually has one-third of the world’s power.

This is huge!

The layout of the Dark god in the past few years has been like a huge net that weaves the whole world together.

This is useful for Levi.

He can’t do things by himself in the future, right?

Not to mention one-third of the forces!

Think about it all exaggerated!

So he temporarily changed his plan to take control of the Bible organization and replace the Dark god.

The Underworld god and the others quickly understood Levi’s intentions.

“Choose! Either follow me or I k!ll you, anyway, killing you is easier than trampling on an ant!”

Levi approached.

The evil gods looked at each other…

They just wanted to be relieved and died.

But now there is hope for life.

Of course they have to choose to give birth.

“We are willing to follow you!”

Several people compromised.

And following Levi’s more development, right now, this is the most powerful man on the planet, right?

He controls one-third of the forces in this world, that’s not bad!

Their future will take off! ! !

Everyone agreed.

Take Levi into the main control room of the base.

The core secret of the Bible Organization, the password to be opened turned out to be a facial scan.

To put it bluntly, it is the unique mask on the face of the Dark god.

After all, no one can take it off her face.

It is impossible to copy.

Needless to say, the details of the pattern on the mask, the mask material alone cannot be known.

In this way, Levi controlled the entire Bible organization in the main control room.

Become the new owner of the Bible Organization!

Seeing everything in the main control room, Levi was shocked.

The biblical organization is really strong, permeating to the point of pervasiveness.

it turns out……

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